Heresy: Moon in Sagittarius July 12-14th 2019

July 12th, around 8:00am on the west coast, the Moon enters Sagittarius waxing towards the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

Immediately upon ingress, the Moon meets Ceres and Prometheus, who are both stationing direct at Zero and 1° Sagittarius, while holding trine to Mercury retrograde in Leo.

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Ten hours later, around 6pm, the Moon reaches 5° Sagittarius, completing a grand trine with Chiron in Aries, and Mercury Rx with Mars in Leo.

Mercury stationed retrograde at 4° Leo, and so did not complete the trine to Chiron at 5° Aries. As Mars transited past he fused those loose ends, simultaneously conjunct Mercury and trine Chiron. “Don’t write checks with your mouth that your ass can’t cash” is the street proverb that comes to mind. The lens of Chiron in Aries is to see one’s wounds as unique, as a part of one’s individual identity. By taking complete responsibility for the wound, we take total ownership of our truth, which empowers us to cash those proverbial checks written by Mars and Mercury dancing in Leo. With the Sun transiting opposite Saturn and Pluto, standing in our truth and speaking our truth can put us at odds with authority figures. Now, the Sagittarius Moon integrates it all into a feverish intensity that embodies the faith of Joan of Arc on trial for heresy. When asked if she understands that she will be burned at the stake, she answered:
“If I saw the fire, I would say all that I am saying to you now, and would not act differently.”

Guided by Matchless Fortitude
To Peace and Truth Thy Glorious Way Hast Ploughed
Julia Beatrice Matthews


The next day, July 13th, the Moon transits conjunct Jupiter, who is almost motionless stationing direct conjunct the Great Attractor. They are met by an opposition from asteroid Sekhmet.

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By midnight on July 13th, the Moon is at 21° Sagittarius, quincunx to the Sun 21° Cancer, illuminating and intensifying the long-term quincunx between Jupiter in Sagittarius and the north node in Cancer. And, the Sun is exact opposite Pluto. This is such a potent moment leading up to the lunar eclipse when the waxing Moon gathers and reflects the tension and conflict of 2019’s main themes. Whenever Pluto and Sekhmet are involved, we say yes to the unknown, we trust ourselves, we trust unseen forces to protect us, we approach the fire breathing dragon unscathed.

Tarot Clarity – Pluto in Capricorn – Nine of Pentacles



On July 14th, the Moon transits conjunct the galactic center, connecting our felt sense of existence to the divine original source of truth, and then enters Capricorn just after 4pm. On July 16th, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 24° Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Eris.


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