The Quarter Moon Between Eclipses

July 9th 2019: The first quarter moon in Libra, a critical passage of eclipse season, halfway between solar and lunar eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. The quarter moon makes a T-square with Sun opposite Saturn and the lunar nodes. The square between Jupiter and Neptune is connected, with Sun trine Neptune and Moon sextile Jupiter.


The Sun joined Saturn in Capricorn on new years day, infusing 2019 with the strict and unrelenting challenges of maturity, requiring us to follow an old set of rules, but with much higher stakes. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn is when our persistence finally begins to pay off, and each step we’ve taken since January 1st now adds up to the appearance of a solution. However- the Sun’s conjunction to the north node is short, and Saturn’s conjunction to the south node is long. We are turning a corner but the pressure is on and there are still dues to pay.

The Moon in Libra makes the crucial first quarter square after the solar eclipse in Cancer with a conjunction to asteroids Athena and Eros- a shining, glistening jewel of asteroid magic under the heavyweight punches of the Sun aspecting three outer planets in their signs of rulership (the brutal authoritarianism of Saturn in Capricorn, and the spiritual crisis of Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces).

-Athena entered Libra on November 4th 2018, while Venus was stationing direct at the beginning of the current Venus cycle.
-Athena stationed retrograde at 29° Libra in February 2019, stabilizing Uranus with a long-term opposition for the final two months of his transit through Aries.
-Athena stationed direct on May 30th at 10° Libra.
-Eros completes his conjunction to Athena on July 11th, which is the first time any solar system object I use for astrology joins Athena since she entered Libra.

The goddess of wisdom in the sign of balance has been an exercise in using strategy for how we approach our relationships externally, and also being strategic about how we process our relationships internally. Athena’s long-term transit in Libra has clarified that the protagonists and antagonists of our life stories are not true reflections of us, but through them we can refine our understanding of who we are.

Eros in Libra teaches us that desire in its healthiest and most potent form does not view the self as lacking love, it views the self as a place where love belongs. Desire is a sensory celebration of our capacity for new experiences. Desire is a call for love to come home.

The Moon fuses their energies on the morning of July 9th, a meditation on the divine lovestream that fills heartspace with heat and rhythm, a pulse of red embers that feels like roaring laughter, the beacon that motivates us to never give up on the work it takes to connect with other people, because the alternative is literally death. What an epic punctuation mark between eclipses: Love is life.



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