Inanna Arrives at the Entrance to the Underworld

July 1st 2019: One day before obscuring the Sun in a total solar eclipse, the Moon meets Venus in Gemini for the final gate of Inanna’s descent: The Earth Star Chakra gate.  Inanna enters the Underworld on July 8th when Venus disappears from the visible sky and begins the initiation of superior solar conjunction.

The Earth Star chakra is located beneath and outside of the body.  It connects to the Root chakra and the energy centers in the feet, acting as a junction between the individual body and mothership Gaia.  If you are familiar with the Root chakra, you have a basic understanding that the Root chakra connects you to the Earth.  The Earth Star chakra elaborates and deepens our awareness of this connection, gathering the flow from not just the Root but also the feet, and condenses it into a single stream, which connects to the molten iron magnetic core at the center of the Earth.  It also works in reverse, collecting the force from the source of Earth’s magnetic field before distributing it to the Root chakra and to the energy centers in the feet.

This is the final meditation to clear and cleanse all energetic blurs and blockages from our chakra system before the July 2nd solar eclipse in Cancer, and Inanna entering the Underworld.

Here are links to my previous eight articles that cover the complete journey of Inanna descending through the chakra gates since Venus rose as the morning star on October 31st 2018.

November 6th 2018: Moon conjunct Venus in Libra: The Crown Chakra

“The Moon and Venus are joined by Ceres, all at 27° Libra. Together they form the apex of a true yod from the sextile between Chiron in Pisces and Sedna in Taurus….”

“Sleep is a physiological process that science still considers a mystery- of course, this is due to the limits of the scientific method, which only takes into account that which can be measured, quantified.  Quality sleep is a subjective symphony of self care. It requires us to balance our perceptions of comfort, and our emotions, with our environment (symbolized by Venus, the Moon, and Ceres in Libra). Sleep is known to clear toxins from the brain- cerebrospinal fluid has been observed to flood into the brain in sleeping subjects, in far greater amounts than when awake.  Interestingly, the same increase in flow of cerebrospinal fluid can be achieved in deep meditation… This is the cleansing of the crown.”



December 3rd 2018: Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio: The Third Eye

“The Moon and Venus together at Zero Scorpio make a blistering out-of-sign opposition to Uranus 29° Aries, in a grand square with the lunar nodes…”

“When the Third Eye is blocked, we believe that things are as they seem.  Consciousness vibrates lower and we lose receptivity to psychic information, and can’t feel our intuition, because the brain is functioning at a rudimentary level.  Survival mode, reactionary.  Depressed.
At times like this it’s necessary to focus on the south node, not the north, and instead of striving towards our vision of success, have a bout of depression that burns like a fever. Inanna’s passage through the Third Eye gate of Moon and Venus at Zero Scorpio, opposite Uranus at 29° Aries is an emergency burning: when you find yourself in a survival situation you sacrifice, literally sacrifice with fire, non-essential items for warmth and light.”



January 1st 2019: Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio: The Throat Chakra

“Moon conjunct Venus 24° Scorpio, asteroid Prometheus 23° Scorpio, Ceres 21° Scorpio…”

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.” -T. S. Eliot.



January 31st 2019: Moon conjunct Venus in Sagittarius: The Heart Chakra

“The Moon transits conjunct Venus and asteroid Persephone 26° Sagittarius, aligned with the Galactic Center 27° Sagittarius…”

“The power of the black hole heartspace meditation allows us to observe and define the subtle energies at work in the Heart chakra: The basic features of mass, spin, and charge; The fundamental existence of a dynamic boundary that defies explanation because it cannot be direcly observed (yet); and the inescapable mysteries on a universal scale of quantum entanglement, entropy, and time travel.”



March 2nd 2019: Moon conjunct Venus in Aquarius: The Solar Plexus

“The Moon joins Venus at 1° Aquarius, forming a sextile to Chiron at Zero Aries and Mercury stationing direct at 29° Pisces…”

“When our solar plexus is compromised, we assign confidence to perceptions of wholeness and insecurity to perceptions of loss- As the Moon joins Venus the day after she enters Aquarius, we envision an existence beyond these value judgements where our self-awareness is unwavering.”


April 1st 2019: Moon conjunct Venus in Pisces

“On April 1st, a few days before the first new moon of spring, the Moon transits conjunct Venus for the sixth time since she rose as the morning star, and for the fifth time since she stationed direct. This conjunction takes place at 7° Pisces, which not only forms an exact square to Apophis at 8° Gemini, but 8° Pisces was the degree of the Sun, Moon, and Apophis during the solar eclipse of February 26th, 2017… Apophis the chaos fucker is throwing a wrench into the delicate machinery that keeps our timeline flowing from one moment to the next.”


May 2nd 2019: Moon conjunct Venus in Aries: The Sacral Chakra

“Moon conjunct Venus at 14° Aries conjunct Vesta at 13° Aries, sextile Psyche  14° Aquarius, and opposite Athena 13° Libra…”

As the Moon crosses over Venus for the for the seventh time since she rose as the morning star (and for the sixth time since she stationed direct), we state our intentions to clear and remove all blockages from the sacral chakra.
Sacral chakra blocks include guilt, shame, low self esteem, debilitating perfectionism, inability to stand up for ourselves or irrational defensiveness, and lack of standards or impossibly high standards for our partners- all things that cause us to invest in and maintain relationships that make us unhappy.”



June 1st 2019: Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus: the Root Chakra

“Moon conjunct Venus at 21° Taurus forms a trine to Pluto, Saturn, and the south node at 22° and 19° Capricorn, activating fears from a deep well of psychic inertia. We feel it when we still strongly desire to consciously create positive changes for ourselves, even though we are paralyzed because it’s the end of the world.”



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3 thoughts on “Inanna Arrives at the Entrance to the Underworld

  1. I always find it so interesting and cool that without being anywhere near adept at understanding the depths of astrology, I still somehow manage to find my life aligning with the things that are happening. I happen to be undergoing a rather intense and interesting root chakra overhaul, which is absolutely necessary if I want to progress further in my overall development. Thank you for being such a badass astrologer and giving us the celestial tea!

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