Sagittarius Full Moon

June 17th 2019: Full Moon conjunct the galactic center in Sagittarius.

The Tarot Clarity Gallery: Sagittarius Full Moon

Outside of our brain’s ability to perceive it, time is not linear, so “finding your center” is actually a metaphor. The Sagittarius Full Moon opposite the Gemini Sun reminds us that if we are truly on a path of self-awareness, healing, and evolution, then finding your center is an ongoing, omnidirectional adventure, exploring an ever-expanding frontier.

The challenge of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is that if we cannot get our heads beyond the level that perceives linear time, we feel like we are going around in the same circles, doing the same things, incarnation after incarnation. The answer can be found in ascension awareness: to be able to recognise that the circles are a spiral.

Saturn and Pluto conjunct the south node in Capricorn are at the root of 2019’s devastating sense of being stuck in the same place, feeling like all our pushing is powerless against the inertia of something that is just too massive.

When the Moon is at peak fullness, Mercury and Mars have completed their conjunction to the north node. At 19° and 20° Cancer they form a blistering bullseye midpoint opposition to Saturn 18° and Pluto 22° Capricorn.

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Could this be a breakthrough moment or event where our efforts finally result in the changes we have been trying to make? Not likely- Saturn stays conjunct the south node for the rest of 2019 and then heads back to finish the conjunction with Pluto in January of 2020.  This is a breakthrough of finally arriving at the deep felt sense of traveling on a spiral journey, and shaking off the cloak of depression that comes from feeling like all our hard work isn’t getting us anywhere.

Sekhmet in Taurus sextile Neptune anchors the Cancer/Capricorn opposition with supportive trines. Neptune is stationing at 18° Pisces and will be trine to the north node through the end of July, softening the harshness of the timeline so we can imagine and believe in our own abilities to be healthy, to be psychic, to be holy.

Madonna of the Dispossessed by Mary C. Farrenkopf Johnson


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