Inanna’s Descent: The Root Chakra

June 1st 2019: The waning crescent Moon joins Venus at sunrise, representing the seventh gate of Inanna’s descent. This corresponds to the root chakra, which is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of safety. Our primal instincts rise up through the root chakra, and we lose our connection to these instincts when the root chakra is blocked.  Lack of access to the instincts that arise from Gaia, causes Fear.

Obviously not all fear is something we should be working to overcome. Gaia can and does send warnings, alarms. We need those alarms, they are a part of our instincts. Inanna’s descent through the root chakra gate is an opportunity to learn how to discern between the empowering fear of an earth-based alarm rising up through the root chakra, vs. the debilitating fear that results from having nothing rising up through the root chakra at all.

Tarot Clarity – Venus in Taurus

Tarot Clarity – Pluto in Capricorn
Tarot Clarity – Saturn in Capricorn


Moon conjunct Venus at 21° Taurus forms a trine to Pluto, Saturn, and the south node at 22° and 19° Capricorn, activating fears from a deep well of psychic inertia. We feel it when we still strongly desire to consciously create positive changes for ourselves, even though we are paralyzed because it’s the end of the world.

When our lives are repetitively crushed and re-crushed by devastating external events, we can see that we are being changed in ways that we are not in control of. This goes against everything we’ve ever been taught to believe about ourselves as individuals and our sense of responsibility. Letting go is a sign of strength; Loss is traumatic.

When the root chakra is blocked, facing the unknown releases a blinding sense of horror from the collective subconscious. When the root chakra is flowing we can download real-time intuition from Gaia, but still experience fear in the form of anxiety when overthinking gets in the way, and we convince ourselves that logically, there are too many unknowns for safety to be a possibility.

The root chakra is the emotional, instinctual energy center at the base of the physical body and it requires exactly zero input from the forebrain to function properly.

Two days before the Gemini New Moon, as the Moon crosses over Venus in Taurus trine Saturn and Pluto, we state our intentions to identify how we are creating new blocks by overthinking, and how to maintain the well-being of our root chakra with a healthy orientation to the unknown.

“I truly don’t know what will happen in my life, and I don’t need to know. My life will unfold the way it needs to. Having to know kept me caught in my head. Not needing to know keeps me open to the great mystery of life.” -Mary O’Malley

“Courage is a love affair with the unknown” -Osho

(special thanks to Faith Spina for the quotes)

Featured image: Unbounded Seclusion by Cody Hooper


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