Taurus New Moon -and- The Sacral Chakra

May 2nd 2019: Two days before the new moon in Taurus, the waning crescent Moon joins Venus at sunrise, representing the sixth gate of Inanna’s descent.

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Taurus New Moon -and- The Sacral Chakra

This Moon/Venus conjunction corresponds to the sacral chakra, which is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of intimacy. We use it to probe our environments for vibrational information about relationships, and we use it to create a connection with Gaia that informs our social identity, our sexuality, and our ability to trust. As the Moon crosses over Venus for the for the seventh time since she rose as the morning star (and for the sixth time since she stationed direct), we state our intentions to clear and remove all blockages from the sacral chakra. 

Sacral chakra blocks include guilt, shame, low self esteem, debilitating perfectionism, inability to stand up for ourselves or irrational defensiveness, and lack of standards or impossibly high standards for our partners- all things that cause us to invest in and maintain relationships that make us unhappy.


The descending sacral chakra gate of Moon conjunct Venus is at 14° Aries conjunct asteroid Vesta at 13° Aries.

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Tarot Clarity – Vesta in Aries – Ten of Wands

Psyche forms a sextile to Vesta/Venus/Moon from 14° Aquarius, and Athena is trine Psyche and opposite Vesta/Venus/Moon from 13° Libra.


The sacral chakra cleansing in Aries and the asteroid goddesses are positioned to empower us to make choices that are in our best interest. For some of us this may be revolutionary. Things that truly serve our highest good are not priorities when the sacral chakra is blocked, and this is our moment in the Venus cycle to correct that.

May 3rd 2019: Black Moon Lilith, the mean lunar apogee, enters Pisces.

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May 4th 2019: New Moon 14° Taurus square Psyche 14° Aquarius.  Psyche maintains her aspects to Vesta and Athena.

Tarot Clarity – Sun in Taurus – Queen of Pentacles
Tarot Clarity – Psyche in Aquarius – Queen of Swords 


The Taurus New Moon is in hard aspect to Psyche, so this new beginning could be the challenge of being vulnerable and letting people into our lives for the first time, or it could be the challenge of finally walking away.


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