Tarot Clarity – Pluto, Saturn, and Persephone

Announcing the Tarot Clarity website launch ♡


Featuring my astrology/tarot project, a semiotic meditation on solar system transits through the signs of the zodiac; galleries of iconic images inspired by astrology for meditation, alignment, and illumination; my mission statement; a brief autobiography; and a menu of intuitive reports for those who feel called to connect with me.


I’ve been doing a single card draw for each planet and asteroid’s ingress into a new sign, and posting them on Minds and Steemit while setting up the new blog. All 16 cards from March and April are now also on www.Tarot-Clarity.com, and as a website exclusive for the launch, I’ve drawn cards for the stellium of Pluto, Saturn, and Persephone in Capricorn.


Read more with Tarot Clarity:

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Persephone in Capricorn – Death



If you appreciate Planetary Clarity, let me know with a Paypal donation  to dh.outerspace@gmail.com




Quoting from essays published on this site is permitted with proper credit to Dia Holly Hemlock with links to www.PlanetaryClarity.com AND www.facebook.com/PlanetaryClarity.  Do not re-post my charts on other sites without contacting me for permission.

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