Eros Opposite Psyche: Just Once

April 6th 2019: Eros in Leo opposite Psyche in Aquarius. This is the only opposition between the soulmate asteroids in our lifetime where neither of them are retrograde or inside of their retrograde shadow.

So far my research covers the years between 1900 and 2100. Psyche and Eros have conjunctions and oppositions roughly every other year.  Psyche is always retrograde for the oppositions, except for sometimes when she is within a few degrees of station retrograde or direct, within her retrograde shadow.

Occasionally, Psyche and Eros have three consective oppositions, for which Eros is always retrograde for the second opposition. Psyche is usually in direct motion when opposing Eros retrograde, but she is always retrograde or within retrograde station for the first and third oppositions.

Eros completes his third of three oppositions to Psyche when she is at 7°17′ Aquarius.  She will station retrograde later on in Aquarius and station direct at 7°58”.  There is no other instance in 200 years where Psyche is direct and outside of her retrograde shadow while opposing her soulmate Eros when he is also in direct motion.


Eros in Leo is about finding the link between the things we consciously yearn for, and our subconscious insecurities.
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Psyche in Aquarius is about having an inner foundation of peace and purpose in a distracting and overstimulating world.
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Just once, we find a connection that transcends our concept of what connection even is. The twin flame: the once-in-a-lifetime merge between soulmates that produces a divine flame burning away illusions, preferences, expactations, societal norms, and/or any other artificial construct that stands in the way of true union.

The fact is that true union with a twin flame almost never happens, because the enormity of the lesson can take an entire lifetime to process.  Or even multiple lifetimes, to burn through everything that stands in the way.  The union isn’t the point.  We call it a twin flame because the burning is the point.



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