Apophis and Aries New Moon

April 1st 2019: Moon conjunct Venus, square Apophis.
April 5th 2019: Aries New Moon square Persephone.

During each of the two visible phases of Venus (from morning rise to morning set, and from evening rise to evening set) there are usually seven and sometimes eight Moon-Venus conjunctions, which represent the progression of Innana’s descent or ascent through the chakra gates on her cyclical journey in and out of the Underworld. During this current Venus cycle, there are nine. Other astrologers that follow the Inanna tradition trimmed it down to eight by not counting the first Moon-Venus conjunction, which took place after Venus morning rise, but before Venus station direct.  I chose to count that first conjunction as the Crown Chakra gate because when I looked to the other charts, the chakra correspondences were perfectly obvious:  The Third Eye gate was the Moon-Venus conjunction at Zero Scorpio (opposite Uranus, in a grand square with the lunar nodes) and of course the Heart Chakra gate was the Moon-Venus conjunction on the exact degree of the galactic center.


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On April 1st, a few days before the first new moon of spring, the Moon transits conjunct Venus for the sixth time since she rose as the morning star, and for the fifth time since she stationed direct. This conjunction takes place at 7° Pisces, which not only forms an exact square to Apophis at 8° Gemini, but 8° Pisces was the degree of the Sun, Moon, and Apophis during the solar eclipse of February 26th, 2017– which was the final Pisces eclipse of 2015-2017, the Rodeo New Moon.  Our April Fool’s Day astrology is a bullride, a space cowboy’s entire past and future compressed into eight seconds, with motionless Mercury stationing direct conjunct Neptune, and Vesta on the exact degree where Mercury stationed retrograde, Apophis the chaos fucker is throwing a wrench into the delicate machinery that keeps our timeline flowing from one moment to the next.

It is spring, is it? Isn’t it?


Baroness – Gold & Grey

The mutable square between Venus and Apophis lasts all week, and is still exact on April 5th during the Aries New Moon, challenging us to unhook from the patterns we seek in the constant barrage of sensory information that we use to construct our perception of reality, and allow a softening, a blur…

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The New Moon at 15° Aries forms an exact square to asteroid Persephone at 15° Capricorn, and a trine to Ceres at 14° Sagittarius, confirming that this is an irregular step outside Inanna’s narrative.  This isn’t about Persephone, the spotlight of the New Moon is on Ceres and her companion Prometheus, who are converging on the Great Attractor, and their role in preparing those degrees for Jupiter’s station direct conjunct the Great Attractor in August. In 2019 the revolution will be a long overdue committment to solutions that have been screaming for our attention for a decade or more.  Eris and her righteous discord is square Pluto, and trine Jupiter (aspects that the Sun and Moon will both illuminate when they cross Eris) shaking us loose from the death grip of inertia that stands in the way of progress.


I predicted a dark spring, knowing that the Saturn/south node/Pluto conjunction would cast a shadow of unbearable heaviness over the season.  Where I live the weather was wet and moderate from October through January, and then finally at the end of February and the first week of March, our region was hit with freezing temperatures, and several rounds of snowfall, signaling winter’s arrival to the plant kingdom.  On spring equinox, all of the deciduous trees around here were still completely bare.

But spring is not “late.” When we cease to seek patterns, nothing is out of place.

A week after spring equinox, the trees are still bare.  My children notice.  I explain to them, “Because it snowed in March, the trees think it’s still winter.  So it’s going to have to get really warm before they can believe that spring is here.” This makes perfect sense to them.



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