Spring Equinox -and- Libra Full Moon

March 20th 2019: The Sun enters Aries and is met in opposition by the Full Moon at Zero Libra a few hours later, in a great bursting-forth of spring, a surge of growth that has been simmering underground in its potential form throughout the winter.  The equinox Sun is conjunct Chiron in Aries; asteroid Psyche in Aquarius is trine the Full Moon, sextile Sun/Chiron, and square Uranus at Zero Taurus.

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This is the first of two consecutive Libra Full Moons.  The Great American Solar Eclipse in August of 2017 was the second of two consecutive Leo New Moons, which began the irregular pattern of new moons culminating in full moons of a quincunx sign (e.g. Leo New Moon followed by Pisces Full Moon, then Virgo New Moon followed by Aries Full Moon, etc.) in April we’ll re-set to the natural pattern of new moons culminating in the opposite sign with the Aries New Moon followed by Libra Full Moon #2.

Since Chiron first touched Zero Aries in spring of 2018, there has been quite a lot of pressure to complete the lessons of Chiron in Pisces, to integrate the expanded awareness it gave us about our trauma, our triggers, and the self-limiting behaviors that we do have the power to change.  Sun conjunct Chiron during Libra Full Moon #1 is a power-up mushroom, an outpouring of life force filling our new integrated expanded awareness of who we are and what we can do. We are now able to open up in ways that were simply not available to us before.

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Frederic Leighton – Light of the Harem – 1880

The Tarot Clarity Gallery: Spring Equinox and Libra Full Moon

The rulers of the Sun and Moon, Mars(Aries) and Venus(Libra) were exact square to each other last October during the Libra New Moon, now during the Libra Full Moon they are forming a square once again and connecting the corners of an intense double yod: Mars in Taurus sextile Eros and the north node in Cancer forms a yod to Jupiter in Sagittarius; Jupiter sextile Venus in Aquarius forms a yod to Eros and the north node.  All of them are exactly at 23 degrees of their signs.  03.20.19.libra.full.moon2


Jupiter entered Sagittarius the same week that the north node entered Cancer, so the themes of their transits intertwine throughout 2019 as they form a long term quincunx aspect. When the north node is in Cancer we feel a stronger sense that family is an extension of the self, we’re compelled to invest in and appreciate what is closest to us.  And Jupiter is completely free in the sign of his rulership, which can be in conflict with the north node energy- uninhibited exploring is seemingly incompatible with bonding and nesting.

The two yods that become exact during the Libra Full Moon, express through Jupiter, and asteroid Eros who is transiting the north node. Eros amplifies the lessons around our ability to be present in our family as a reflection of our ability to allow ourselves to be fully seen.

Mars in Taurus sextile Eros and the north node empowers us to build trust with a dependable dynamic, showing up consistently with acceptance and support.  The yod to Jupiter creates an opportunity to take this dynamic beyond the familiar, and grow into new dimensions of trust.  That being said, Mars is conjunct Apophis and Sedna, which feels like an ominous warning to trust wisely.

Venus in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius is a vision of freedom, pleasures never forbidden.  The yod to Eros and the north node could cause deeper splits and compartmentalization between our role in the family and the freedom we crave, or it could be used consciously to address the friction so we can show up in all areas of our lives consistently, and fully, as our authentic selves.

The Sun at Zero Aries says, I Am.  The Moon at Zero Libra says, We Are.



The Equinox Full Moon gateway was marked by the most elevated solar xray output we’ve seen since fall of 2017. Shortly after the Moon reached 100% fullness opposite the Aries Equinox Sun, AR2736 releaed a C5.6 solar flare, which is the largest solar flare we’ve seen in over a year.



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