Mercury Station Retrograde -and- New Moon in Pisces

March 6th 2019: Less than 24 hours after Mercury stations retrograde at 29° Pisces, and only eight hours after Uranus completes his entrance into Taurus, the Pisces New Moon meets Neptune and asteroid Vesta in a conjunction of less than one degree.

A Pisces New Moon is a time for dreaming, not for manifesting existing dreams, but for encountering new ones- actively releasing one’s hold on solid ground and surrendering, floating in the sea of possibility.  Since Neptune’s ingress into his home sign in 2011, the Pisces New Moon is a trance, a vision that captures us and consumes us as we hang vulnerable between worlds.  Vesta’s presence in this New Moon is cataleptic, initiating the dreamstate of altered consciousness that humans can acheive by staring into a sacred flame- gathered together in groups around a roaring bonfire for warmth, or on one’s own with a candle and a craft. Flame gazing is a simple and powerful way to open oneself to the ocean of the collective subconscious, the pool of dreams dreamed by everyone who has ever lived, is living, and will live.


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The Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune and Vesta is a call to the depths, it is an invitation to mermaid magic. All creatures bodies are optimized for certain environments, and so mermaid guides are extremely helpful for exploring the subconscious.  One of the most significatly profound experiences of my college education was learning comparative anatomy- I soon realized that simply visualizing my consciousness in an astral body of a different form and different sensory capabilities allowed me to experience access to realms that were previously beyond my imagination.

Mercury’s retrograde station on the final degree of Pisces, the final degree of the zodiac, reinforces the idea of needing to let go, needing to float, needing to explore and be receptive to the unknown.  During this Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, our 3D human senses will be most likely scrambled and bewildered… our submarine extrasensory astral organs will keep us flowing with the current.


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