Grand Water Trine – Tarot

February 25th 2019. In the darkness before dawn, just after midnight on the west coast, the Scorpio Moon rises in grand trine with Mercury in Pisces and the north node in Cancer.  Conjunct the south node in Capricorn: Sekhmet, Pluto, Psyche, and Venus.


This is Part 2 of this weekend’s Scorpio Moon Tarot- click here for Part 1. I saved the cards for Moon in Scorpio: The Devil and Mercury in Pisces: The Pope and drew new cards for the north node and each piece of the Capricorn stellium.

North Node: King of Pentacles

Sekhmet: 9 of Wands

Pluto: 4 of Wands

Psyche: Page of Cups

South Node: The Fool

Venus: 4 of Pentacles




Xotica: The Art of Esteban Maroto

The Devil and the Pope are the 5 majors, 5 being the number that represents a bridge to another realm: the Pope represents the bridge to the emotional, mental, astral, etheric, celestial level(crown); the Devil represents the bridge to the dense 3D prehistoric DNA memory level(root). This Scorpio Moon is dredging up the worst of our challenges (and for many of us, pain in the physical body) Mercury in Pisces deepens our awareness of the many layers of the body beyond the physical.


Scott Echols, Scarlet Imaging and the Grey Parrot Anatomy Project

The Tarot reveals the story unfolding tonight as the Moon and Mercury transit in grand trine with the north node in Cancer, represented by the King of Pentacles.  As the cardinal water sign, Cancer’s emotional nature is focused on security, which binds it to the world of things- homes, families within homes, resources that support relationships and lifestyles- Pentacles Things, all crucial to understanding the north node’s transit through Cancer.

On the opposite side of the zodiac in Capricorn we have Venus conjunct the south node, represented by the Fool and the Four of Pentacles- Four is the number of a stable entity. The Fool has no goals or plans, he just knows he will arrive at the Four somehow.  In true court jester fashion he is doing an impression of the King of Pentacles, who gazes upon the symbol of his kingdom while also cradling it in his lap.

Sekhmet and Pluto are represented by the Nine and Four of Wands, showing the crisis of Pluto dismantling the structures of Capricorn, touched by the ferocious creativity of Sekhmet, silencing the background noise in our belief system about ourselves.

Sekhmet-Pluto-south node-Venus is about getting to the point where a lot of insecurities vanish because you have survived and overcome so much, that you gain a new level of trust in yourself, and finally understand that you will be okay no matter what.


DustyRayPaints – Lepiphim

Sweet Psyche, innocent Psyche, scorning frivlous suitors, longing for sacred union, Page of Cups.  The Pages indicate that there is- or that there should be- a willingness to say, “I’m new here and I’m ready to learn.” Her upcoming retrograde in Aquarius is her first in decades (or perhaps even longer) to NOT feature an opposition to Eros from the time she enters her retrograde shadow, to the time she leaves it.

In other words: when Eros opposes Psyche in April, it will be the first Eros-Psyche opposition in decades to take place with Psyche direct and outside her retrograde shadow- I am very excited about this soulmate magic that is unprecedented for most of our adult lives.

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This is Part 2 of this weekend’s Scorpio Moon Tarot- click here for Part 1.


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