Moon Conjunct Venus in Scorpio -and- The Third Eye

On December 3rd, The Moon meets Venus for the second time since Venus has risen as the morning star, symbolizing Inanna’s descent through the second gate, the cleansing of the Third Eye chakra. Together at Zero Scorpio they make a blistering out-of-sign opposition to Uranus 29° Aries.  Mercury, Chiron, Sedna, and asteroid Hekate form a mystic rectangle, connecting into a grand sextile with the lunar nodes.  Through these alignments we’re gaining a new understanding of the things that are blocking the third eye.


When the Third Eye is blocked, we believe that things are as they seem.  Consciousness vibrates lower and we lose receptivity to psychic information, and can’t feel our intuition, because the brain is functioning at a rudimentary level.  Survival mode, reactionary.  Depressed.

The past week’s depression has taken place at the crossroads with black Hekate. Her presence here in aspect to the dark heavyweights Sedna, Chiron in Pisces, and Mercury retrograde stationing direct in Scorpio has been a deep blessing, drawing my focus back inside of myself, enouraging me to expand my awareness beyond the obvious.

Hekate crosses into Libra and forms a perfect T-square with the Cancer Full Moon on December 22nd.  This helps me place my current bout with depression in context of what I was experiencing with the Cancer New Moon conjunct Hekate, July 2017.



Vesta has the strongest connection to the Moon and Venus at Zero degrees.  There is nothing anchoring the north node so it’s not a true grand sextile, but Vesta anchors the south node, reinforcing the idea of approaching depression as the opportunity to drop out and recalibrate, in full anticipation of returning to forward motion with a radical departure from the current path.

“Perhaps a sin that humbles you is better than a good deed that makes you arrogant.” ~ Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

At times like this it’s necessary to focus on the south node, not the north, and instead of striving towards our vision of success, have a bout of depression that burns like a fever. Inanna’s passage through the Third Eye gate of Moon and Venus at Zero Scorpio, opposite Uranus at 29° Aries is an emergency burning: when you find yourself in a survival situation you sacrifice, literally sacrifice with fire, non-essential items for warmth and light.


Kazumasa Nagai – The Cell – Life Magazine Science Library 1965-66


I will be having surgery this week and the lapse into depression I’ve been experiencing in anticipation of this event is symptomatic of Third Eye blockages that cause me to see my chronic pain condition for what it is on the surface. I bow to the stars and am eternally grateful for their guidance as I work through these issues of consciousness and embodiment.

“The reason why human beings manifest illness is to ultimately prove they are able to be absolutely happy and completely free — no matter the circumstances at hand. Illness is not a period of misfortune. It is not a sign of a low vibration or being out of alignment. It is not an indication that you are less than the glory of light that you are. 

Instead, it is an initiation of higher consciousness delivered into your reality to remove the layering of limiting beliefs that insist you cannot be all that you are until things become different. Once you are able to sense happiness and liberation, no matter the circumstances at play, you are able to be just as happy, joyful, and free beyond the perceived limitations of your experiences. 

May these words help you remember the importance of healing the body by nurturing and caring for the physical vessel as it transforms from dense matter into celestial light, while the mind is cleared of all self-defeating patterns and beliefs by giving you full access to happiness, joy, and freedom regardless of the cards you’ve been dealt. 

If you open up to the possibility that happiness, joy, and freedom are already alive within you and not the result of favorable outcomes, something deeper than the ups and downs of gains and losses awakens within your heart. 

In order for such a shift to occur, it is essential to consider, contemplate and celebrate how happy, joyful, and free you already might be. You don’t have to feel it or fake it in any way. Just consider the possibility and allow time to show you the way.”


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