Full Moon in Gemini – The Dance

November 22nd 2018: Gemini Full Moon, completing the lunar cycle that began with the Gemini New Moon on June 13th. The Sun is at Zero Sagittarius, building conjunction to Jupiter.  The Full Moon at Zero Gemini is exact conjunct the Pleiades.

For this summer’s Gemini New Moon I told a story about a dancer I saw on television and the guidance he received to “rein it in” and I shared the quote from Lily Kay Ross “Learn to struggle in such a manner that is indistinguishable from dancing; after all, there is no end in sight.”

The image of a ballerina’s feet- one immaculately dressed in satin en pointe, the other bruised, battered and bandaged- came to me as I pondered the metaphor of dancing and how those seeded new moon intentions have developed into what we have now with this Gemini Full Moon. The question it seems we are all being asked is, how much pain are you able to bear? How much pain are you willing to bear? And what, if anything, are you striving for, that makes carrying on through pain, worth it?


When all traces of fear and anger have been removed, and GRIEF remains in its pure form, it is a gateway to ECSTASY.  And of course the word ecstasy does not refer exclusively to pleasure, but more generally to an altered mental state of spiritual awareness.

The chart for the Full Moon in Gemini features the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius and Persephone in Scorpio.  Persephone forms a grand trine with the north node and Chiron; Uranus forms a T-square to the north and south lunar nodes. Check out my previous articles to read all about these aspects.

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Also featured on the Full Moon chart, Eros retrograde in Gemini opposite Psyche in Sagittarius, exact on November 24th.  This will be the 2nd in their series of three oppositions. Read more about Psyche and Eros and their first opposition last August:



The Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter activates his transit through his home sign of Sagittarius and begins a new cycle between our Sun and the undisputed king of the solar system. The most important meditation for this conjunction is very simple: “Things live by moving and gain strength as they go.” -Bruce Lee.  Keep your heart open. Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius wants us to master the art of having a generous spirit:

“When you are aware of what it takes to live a consicious life, you can respect others who attempt to do it (too). You champion their willingness to try and you want them to succeed.  This feeling is generosity of spirit.  It is a kind of open-heartedness that flows freely (and) touches anyone who can feel it.  It does not manipulate and has no strings attached.” –Heart, Spirit & Mind

When I tell you to Be The Sun, Shine, this is not a cheerful feel-good new-age love-and-light spiritual bypass. This is the choice to wrap your busted feet, put on the finest satin, and dance through the pain.

“Things live by moving and gain strength as they go.” -Bruce Lee.

Lily Kay Ross “Learn to struggle in such a manner that is indistinguishable from dancing; after all, there is no end in sight.”

Addendum: The Lunar Cycle

Normally- and it does feel more normal- a new moon in any sign will be followed two weeks later by a full moon in the opposite sign. For example, a new moon in Taurus will be followed by a full moon in Scorpio.  This cycle becomes disrupted whenever there are two consecutive new or full moons that take place on the first and final degrees of the same sign. Last year, we had two new moons in Leo- the second of which was the Great American Solar Eclipse. Ever since then, new moons have been followed by a full moon in a quincunx sign: For example, this year’s new moon in Taurus was followed two weeks later by the full moon in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon begins a series of full moons at Zero degrees of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Libra, and then we will have a second Libra Full Moon in April 2019, correcting the pattern of new and full moons through the signs.


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