Sun Conjunct Persephone in Scorpio

November 20th 2018: Asteroid Persephone aligns with the Sun at 28° Scorpio in a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and the north node in Cancer.  The trine between Sun/Perspehone and Chiron is exact to the arc minute.  At anaretic degrees of fire signs, another grand trine overlaps: Uranus at 29° Aries, asteroid Apophis at 29° Sagittarius, and Isis 29° Leo.


The grand water trine opens a channel for us to acknowledge the pain and loss that has shaped our journeys.  For some, this acknowledgement just requires a conscious acceptance of waves of familiar uncomfortable feelings passing through.  For others, this is a painful first-time opening up to feelings that have been kept suppressed.

The grand fire trine shows the agony and ecstasy of surrendering to powers that exist beyond our control and the role they have played in shaping our journeys through pain and loss.  Uranus retrograde returned to Aries in contact with Isis, the radiant galactic solar heart, and Apophis, dark trickster.

This entire aspect pattern is a fractal elaboration on the symbolism of Sun conjunct Persephone, fusion of solar life force with Persephone as Queen of the Underworld.

With the rise of devastating forest fires in recent years, those who engage in existential reflection often observe that fire- when it functions naturally- is cleansing.  Only that which is vital remains… supposedly.


Laura Tempest Zakroff


“Only that which is vital remains” is a half-truth.  Things that are vital get destroyed all the time.  We are left to survive with what remains.

From fire to water, three square aspects connect the grand trines.

Uranus square the north node: Transformation of ego identity stretching all the way into the formative nest, the womb.

Apophis square Chiron: Mind fuckery causing you to realize truths about your experience of trauma. Questioning yourself and how you define your reality.

Sun/Persephone square Isis: The challenge of trusting this part of the process.  Refusal to bypass the stuff that hurts.  This is the other side of “love and light” this is the gut wrenching sorrow of radical acceptance.

Who would I be, if I was able to choose acceptance over everything in my life, when I am seemingly surrounded by reasons to suffer? Who would I be, if I could own and control my acquired wisdom, NOT in spite of, but BECAUSE OF my traumatic experiences?

Persephone, Queen of Scorpio, crowned by the Sun.


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