Tarot Clarity: Mercury and Venus

Since the orbits of Mercury and Venus are inside Earth’s orbit, they follow the same general cycle: 1. Rising as the morning star; 2. Going behind the Sun as seen from Earth (superior solar conjunction); 3. Rising as the evening star; 4. Retrograde, crossing between Earth and the Sun (interior solar conjunction). Outside of Earth’s orbit, every other planet and asteroid can interact with the Sun in various positions of geometric resonance around the zodiac, from 60° sextile to 180° opposition. The Sun cannot form any major aspect to Venus or Mercury besides conjunction. From Earth, the inner planets appear bound to the Sun, and thusly represent how thinking/judging(Mercury) and feeling/perceiving(Venus) are the means by which our biological flesh brains translate source lovelight into an individual stream of consciousness(the Sun).

Despite the fact that it remains a popular reference in mainstream psychological discussions, the model of the brain describing the left side as rational, logical, mathematical, and the right side as artistic, musical, creative, has been thoroughly disproven scientifically and psychologically. It’s been clearly demonstrated that a healthy living brain carries out logical and creative activities in an integrated and well-balanced symphony of activity. That being said, it’s actually a pretty good metaphor for the occult nature of Mercury and Venus. The faculties associated with the left brain are Mercurial; the faculties associated with the right brain are Venusian. You can literally just substitute the words “Mercury” and “Venus” into any discussion of left brain vs. right brain and it works perfectly, as I demonstrated with this quote from science writer Carl Zimmer:

“Mercury specializes in picking out the sounds that form words and working out the syntax of the phrase, for example, but it does not have a monopoly on language processing. Venus is more sensitive to the emotional features of language, tuning-in to the slow rhythms of speech that carry intonation and stress.”


Merijn Hos

It’s a given that based on our natal charts, some of us are naturally more Mercurial, while others are predominantly Venusian. But we all have a Mercury and a Venus, and no matter where they are for you with natal signs, houses, and aspects, they are always working together in your brain. If you have ever described yourself as “left-brained” consider that maybe your environment only rewards your Mercurial tendencies, and you don’t see the value of your Venus. If you describe yourself as “right brained” you may be inundated in Venusian influence, and perhaps not properly tuned in to your Mercury.

If you need guidance on these issues, let’s work together. I have a unique ability to hold space for you and provide insights with astrology and Tarot. For a donation of $72 I’ll use the Voyager Tarot to explore your natal Mercury and natal Venus placements by sign, house, and aspects. This spread features a minimum of two cards, one each for Mercury and Venus, with the possibility of additional cards as needed.


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