Queen of Hell: Persephone and the Crown Chakra

September 12th 2018, 3:33pm on the west coast: the Moon transits conjunct Venus for the seventh time since Venus has risen from the Underworld of superior solar conjunction, corresponding to the opening and activation of the seventh chakra, the crown.

The crown chakra is our connection to the cosmos, to source. It is the receiver of human consciousness. We use our crown chakras for higher reasoning, for maintenance of our central nervous systems, and for developing a compassionate worldview through transcendence of the individual self.

The Moon meets Venus at 2° Scorpio, joining asteroid Persephone at 0° Scorpio.  After ten months in Libra, Persephone finally steps into the realm she rules, and is crowned by Moon and Venus, Queen of Hell.

Read all about Persephone in Libra with Planetary Clarity:


Venus is still near her maximum elongation, over 42 degrees away from the Sun, she is now blazing as the evening star long after sunset.  As we gaze upon the crescent Moon with Venus and Persephone in Scorpio on the evening of the 12th, we declare our intentions to activate the crown chakra.  The astrology of the moment guides our meditation.


The Moon, Venus, and Persephone form an opposition to Uranus in Taurus, a depiction of white hot lightning bolts crackling around the cosmic crown.  As energy and information enters a cluttered or dense crown chakra, the result is overwhelm, selfishness, and a closed mind. This is pure self defense against messages that are simply too powerful to be received.  In a clear and clean crown chakra, energy and information is completely empowering- and there is no limit to that.

Aspects to Mars and Saturn can be used to conduct the signals we receive into the crown chakra- Mars carries them like a conductor of electricity, Saturn directs them like the conductor of a symphony.

Saturn’s trine to Uranus feels absoutely royal this week, highlighted by this aspect from Moon/Venus, with Hekate and Athena in Virgo making it a grand trine.  We are now receiving new inner guidance and wisdom downloads made possible by the status-quo-smashing choices we made throughout 2017 as Saturn and Uranus formed their first three trines in fire signs.  Look at 2° Capricorn on your natal chart, where Saturn has recently stationed direct, for insights into the new dimension of wisdom you have recently gained.  Do a ritual or prayer of thanks to Hekate and Athena if you have been helped and protected by an older, wiser woman over the past ten days.

Mars is of course conjunct Lilith and the lunar south node. Lilith and the nodes both help us visualize the Moon’s orbit around Earth.  When BML is aligned with the mean lunar south node, the Moon is at its farthest point away from Earth (Lilith) when it passes south of the Sun’s ecliptic path (south node).   As Mars crosses over BML and the south node in Aquarius, there is palpable melancholy, not so much about the connections that have been broken forever, but specifically about the WAY those connections were severed. Mars is frustrated in knowing that there is no action he can take to reverse the damage of that severing, no revenge that will even the score. The squares from Moon/Venus/Persephone and Uranus position the loss and all related damage as a sacrifice, transmuting the frustration of Mars into an active stance of radical acceptance.

Who would I be, if I was able to choose acceptance over everything in my life, when I am seemingly surrounded by reasons to suffer? Who would I be, if I could own and control my acquired wisdom- the power of my connection to source through my crown chakra- NOT in spite of, but BECAUSE OF my traumatic experiences?

Persephone Crowned, Queen of Hell.



Asteroid Persephone transits Scorpio between September 11th and November 24th 2018, featuring: a conjunction to Venus as she stations retrograde on October 5th; October 19th conjunction with Mercury, trine Neptune; November 20th, conjunction with the Sun.


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