Full Moon in Pisces

August 26th 2018: Full Moon in Pisces ignited by a heavyweight grand trine of the Sun with Saturn trine Uranus. Strong influence from Lilith/south node quincunx the Sun and square Uranus.  Isis/north node in Leo more subtle but significant quincunx the Pisces Moon.


Saturn in Sagittarius forming three trines to Uranus in Aries was part of the biggest astrological plot line of 2017 (read Mercury Retrogrades 2017: Trines In Fire Signs with Planetary Clarity)

Saturn and Uranus exacted their trines on December 24th 2016,  May 17th 2017, and November 10th 2017, setting into motion a chain of events that changed the status quo of our lives, and ultimately resulted in a learned experience of integrity.  Each of those trines occured with a major turning point in taking responsibility for things that we have previously felt were out of our control, for better or for worse. In other words, we layed in the beds we made. (Saturn and Uranus both slow moving outer planets stay in aspect with each other for a long time- their trines were in effect for weeks, centered around the date it became exact)

Saturn and Uranus are of course not personal planets so their manifestations come in forms that we can not personally control. It takes maturity and self-discipline to make the most out of Saturn-Uranus transits, by reflecting on what you can do when faced with things that are bigger than you, and truly out of your hands.  Trying to control things you can’t, is one problem.  Not knowing that you have the power to control something you actually can, is a much bigger problem for most people in my opinion, and seems to be the treasure being dug up by those who are doing the work during these transits.

The emotional nature of this Full Moon at the Saturn-Uranus midpoint is backlit by the strobelight of Fomalhaut, a fixed star that seems right at home in Pisces, and perhaps the presence of nearby transiting Neptune has blurred the meaning of this star for me, but the main message of this full moon kite is that life is a dream. Consciousness, Heartspace, DNA- all malleable.  This full moon feels like that moment you hold onto a deep lungsfull of breath. The gift of breathwork is that it teaches you how to participate in processes that would otherwise happen automatically, and maximize those processes for your benefit, your healing and your thriving. The possibilities of manifestation are opening up in new dimensions for me under this full moon- and it’s a direct result of the brutal integrity lessons I integrated under the Saturn-Uranus trines.

The upcoming conjunction of Black Moon Lilith with the lunar south node represents a period of alignment in the Moon’s orbit where it crosses beneath the ecliptic at apogee, and crosses above at perigee. This is an extreme time for lunar energy, and aspects to the combined axis of BML and the nodes are particularly powerful.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus is building a tight square to Lilith, and at the moment of the Moon’s peak fullness Uranus is conjunct the MC.  The way we carry ourselves through the world changes when we step into a new level of our own power, and Lilith is really challenging us, not making it easy, to step into these new roles. Her recent ingress into Aquarius means Uranus is her planetary ruler, and she’s embodying that anger and denial we feel when we start to realize the ways we’ve kept ourselves small, and false, and sick. Honor Her Or Else. Mercury rising in Leo echoes the themes of Eros Opposite Psyche: Seeing Myself For The First Time. A vision of the self that taps deep into previously untouched wells of creativity and authenticity. Next week Mercury forms squares to Psyche and Eros, bridging their dreams into the conscious mind, transforming yearning into actual stretegies.

The Full Moon’s quincunx to asteroid Isis on the north node is the most subtle aspect that I’m holding on to most of all.  Isis herself is not a subtle goddess- this asteroid represents the energy of the black hole sun at the center of the galaxy as the supreme galactic womb, radiating lovelight from the original source inside cosmic mother.  She crosses the powerful north node perigee point to meet the Pisces Full Moon with her sacred yoni gaze. Subtle af. Something funny I’ve noticed about Isis is how easy she is to miss, and then how suddenly blindingly amazing she is.  In our chrisitan culture we’re socialized to believe in a God that demands our obedience and needs constant attention. Isis doesn’t advertise for anyone to follow her, and she doesn’t have rules for those who do.  She is the epitome of my childhood fantasies of what God was supposed to be.


In the hours leading up to the Pisces Full Moon, a magnetic connection from the IMF resulted in a massive gap collapsing in Earth’s magnetic shield, and dense solar wind rushed deep into the thermosphere. This occured in the northernmost areas that were simultaneously being hit by the rays of the Pisces Full Moon.

I am often asked to provide practical meaning for such events- when something like sudden unexpected geomagnetic storming happens in precise synchronicity with a Full Moon, it occurs to even the most casual observer that it must mean something.  But I cannot tell you what to believe about space weather.  It has nothing to do with belief.  It is about the experience of exploring Felt Sense through the Focusing principle, the same psychological process at the bedrock of my approach to astrology:

Eugene Gendlin gave the name “felt sense” to the unclear, pre-verbal sense of “something”—the inner knowledge or awareness that has not been consciously thought or verbalized—as that “something” is experienced in the body. It is not the same as an emotion. This bodily felt “something” may be an awareness of a situation or an old hurt, or of something that is “coming”—perhaps an idea or insight. Crucial to the concept, as defined by Gendlin, is that it is unclear and vague, and it is always more than any attempt to express it verbally. Gendlin also described it as “sensing an implicit complexity, a wholistic sense of what one is working on.”

According to Gendlin, the Focusing process makes a felt sense more tangible and easier to work with. To help the felt sense form and to accurately identify its meaning, the focuser tries out words that might express it. These words can be tested against the felt sense: The felt sense will not resonate with a word or phrase that does not adequately describe it.-Wiki

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