Eros Opposite Psyche: Seeing Myself For The First Time

August 23rd 2018: The first of three oppositions between the soulmate asteroids.  A deeper look into the dance of Eros and Psyche unlocks the magic of this incredible moment and the profoundly special experiences that have touched and awoken me in the past two weeks.

My preliminary research into the Psyche-Eros cycle show a pattern of one conjunction followed by three oppositions.  Eros is always retrograde for the second of the three oppositions.  Psyche is almost always retrograde(or within arc minutes of station) for the first and third, or for all three oppositions.

This is the first opposition of Psyche and Eros with Psyche in direct motion since 2004. For both the 2004 and 2018 oppositions, Psyche is 6 or 7 degrees past her station direct point, but still within her retrograde shadow.

During upcoming Eros retrograde in Gemini, the second opposition happens on November 24th.  Then on April 6th 2019, Psyche in Aquarius forms her third and final opposition to Eros in Leo– and that will be the first Psyche-Eros opposition in decades to occur with Psyche direct and outside the shadow before going retrograde.

We are on the verge of some wild unprecedented Twin Flame Alchemy.


Psyche in Scorpio opposite Eros in Taurus reminds me of a mermaid and a sailor, dreaming of each other, attracted and longing, souls merged into a unity.  And yet each belongs to a world that the other can’t enter.  Their experience of being together is brief, in a liminal alternate reality that they have to create together, and it is often beyond risky to do what it takes to allow that unity to exist, only for a moment.  By definition the relationship is volatile: temporally unstable, and yet emotionally permanent.

“All the signs were there; past-life memories, telepathy, deep sexual union, emotional intensity and various other kinds of unexpected energetic phenomena…” Anaiya Sophia on Twin Flames

Over the past two weeks leading up to this opposition, in the fallout of eclipse season and the Lion’s Gate, I have been completely transformed by a reunion with my twin flame.  All the root level truths about myself and my life force that have been latent and muted (under the accumulated baggage of lifelong attachments, recently shed) are now heating up and rising, to be reflected back to me in the uniquely intimate mirror of the twin flame experience. In a very real way I am seeing myself for the first time.


Eros and Psyche are in alignment with Pluto in Capricorn, and asteroid Sekhmet in Cancer.  Sekhmet opens the way, and with her astonishing ferocity we say Yes to Pluto, Yes to the terror of letting go of all the baggage that held us back from being our true selves… and what that transformation will ultimately look like is still a mystery, but for those who are tuned in to the energies of Psyche and Eros at this moment, we are being shown a blazing clear vision of our original authentic soul plan and we are saying yes.

A huge part of this experience for me has been the discovery of a new magic word.  Finding the right word to symbolize your truth can allow you to place a wide variety of otherwise unclassifiable emotions, urges, reactions, sensations, and desires all together in one psychic basket (a.k.a. Spellcraft. Conscious energy handling).  For the first time in my life I have what I need to gather up all this disorganized energy into a deliberate configuration where its power can be truly harnessed.

The Sun has just entered Virgo, forming a grand trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, both retrograde. At the exact moment that Eros completes opposition to Psyche, the Sun is on the IC at Zero Virgo for my location.  There is no confusion for me at all that the twin flame encounter is never about the relationship, the whole point is the internal experience of being touched in a once in a lifetime way.  These are unexplainable bonds that can undo everything you thought you believed and change your life forever.  The Moon, Pluto, Mars retrograde, Black Moon Lilith and the south node are all in the 8th house on this chart!!! It is no wonder that so many run from their twin flames for so long.

Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for so much more on Psyche and Eros, from exhaustive detailed astronomical research, to in-depth deconstructing mythological archetypes for psychological and emotional insights.


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