Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo -and- The Throat Chakra

Three days after the New Moon Partial Eclipse opposite Pluto, the Moon meets Venus for the fifth time since she has risen as the evening star, corresponding to the fifth gate of Inanna’s ascent which represents the throat chakra, cleared and opened. The throat chakra is our multidimensional organ for speech and all other forms of communication. We use it to express our individual life force and contribute to the vibrational information in our environment, an interactive connection that informs the development of our identity through the expression of our creativity and voice.

In June of 2017, the Moon-Venus conjunction that represented Inanna’s descent down through the throat chakra was in Taurus and formed an exact trine to Juno in Capricorn.  (See that chart and read more with Planetary Clarity: Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus and the Throat Chakra) Today’s ascending throat chakra Moon-Venus conjunction also forms an exact trine to Juno, putting a cosmic underscore on the importance of boundaries in developing a clear and open throat chakra.

“One of the things that most commonly stands in the way of having an open throat chakra is an unsupportive environment. If the people in our lives are not receptive and do not hold safe space for us to express ourselves and be known, then closing the throat chakra is an act of self-protection. It is almost impossible for anyone to learn how to create this safe space for themselves if they have never been in an environment where their self-expression was welcome. Voices are interactive tools- relationships are required to maximize the potential of any individual voice.” 

This Moon-Venus conjunction at 6° Virgo includes Ceres 7°, and joins a grand trine with Saturn retrograde 4° Capricorn, and Uranus and Juno at 2° and 6° Taurus.  With precision, Mars retrograde conjunct the mean lunar south node at 6° Aquarius, square Juno and quincunx Moon/Venus. Athena, approaching the north node, forms an exact square to Uranus.


When I examine this configuration for what it has to tell me about opening the throat chakra, I am drawn to the metaphor of quilting.  Ceres and Venus in Virgo, the feminine artcraft of making gorgeous blankets, beautiful and functional, fabric and math.  Saturn in Capricorn, representing both the perpetual committment and focus on consistent work resulting in continuous progress, but also the limits of historical female home life in which quilting was a traditionally acceptable activity for women, and as such it was never regarded as fine art by the mainstream culture.  Uranus is the invention of the sewing machine, the revolutionary development that transformed what a single person was capable of creating in their lifetime.

In this metaphor, our quilt is our individual reality- the fabric of our identies, homes, relationships, and our connection to the earth.  The sewing is how we use our voice.


At 6° and 7° Virgo, The Moon, Venus and Ceres are on degrees that were marked last year by the Mercury Retrograde that was connected to the August 21st solar eclipse (which was also during the previous Venus-Ceres conjunction).  The lessons learned then, about ritual and time, are directly informing today’s lessons about communication and the steadfast committment to the constant repetitive work of building that beautiful quilt.

Mars retrograde conjunct the south node, quincunx the Moon and Venus remind us that the nature of creating a quilt is that you decide upon the final image in its complete form and you stick to the plan.  Flexibility exists but is limited, you can’t really change your mind about what you’re doing halfway through.

The planets are telling us that no matter what is happening around us, stay true to your voice.  Waves still crash against the strongest cliffs.  Our boundaries are always under some form of stress.

Our culture has a common throat chakra problem where most people were socialized by the rapid-fire nonstop dialogue of TV shows. I have only met a few people in my life that allow for pauses in conversation, instead of jumping in with more thoughts to fill the space that would otherwise hold feeling. Talking is the only form of communication that is truly valued in our culture. Talking is yang and gets deranged so insanely easily; nonverbal feeling and psychic communication is the epitome of yin, and like the feminine art of quilting, it is downplayed and belittled.

Another common problem happens in moments of anxiety and anger when we use our voices in ways that separate us from our own values, departing from the story of our identity we have committed to.  We may try to brush it off and move on as if it didn’t happen but it damages our throat chakras and our ability to express ourselves and connect with others. An open throat chakra is a voice that tells a consistent story, creating a consistent reality.  Like a quilt it can be a simple design, or it can be intricate and involve a variety of sophisticated skills… either way it’s all about the plan for your voice that you have committed to, and your enduring responsibility to execute that plan consistently.


photo by Dia Holly Hemlock, July 15th 2018, 9:30pm


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