Cancer New Moon Opposite Pluto: Hunters

One of the most poignant and exciting new moons of the year- July 12th 2018 is the one and only Cancer New Moon to take place exact opposite Pluto during the nearly two decades he spends in the sign of Capricorn, and it is also a partial solar eclipse.  This magic moon brings us face to face with the forces that compel us to hunt for our shadow in the quest for transpersonal awareness- and the god that will drag us to the Underworld to face our shadow anyway if we insist we aren’t ready.


The new moon intention for this eclipse is simple but dangerous.  We set our intention to choose the path of the shadow hunters. If you choose this intention, the eclipse will shatter everything standing in the way of transpersonal awareness over the next six months.  If you cannot choose this intention due to fear, Pluto is going to drag you to your shadow.

Beyond Pluto, Lilith (the Mean Lunar Apogee) at 27° Capricorn forms an exact trine to Sedna in Taurus.  This means that in the hours after the solar eclipse, the Moon reaches perigee (closest point to Earth) while forming an exact sextile to Sedna.  The Moon passing through solar eclipse followed by aspects to Sedna and Lilith will be a gut-check, a moment of truth.  Ascending into a new level of transpersonal awareness via integration of our shadow is a rocky fucking road and requires nothing less than 100% comittment, pure bravery in the face of uncertainty, and the willingness to make choices from the heart no matter what the cost.


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The partial solar eclipse opposite Pluto is a new beginning built on the foundation of a grand trine in the early degrees of earth signs- most prominently, the trine between Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn’s previous retrograde in Sagittarius created three trines to Uranus in Aries, a long term process of shedding obstacles to integrity (read more with Planetary Clarity: 2017 Trines In Fire Signs and Saturn Trine Uranus: Integrity); now Uranus is in Taurus, and Saturn is forming their fourth and only trine in earth signs as he slows to station direct in Capricorn.

Last November, during the third and final Saturn/Uranus fire trine, I wrote the following:

“Integrity means acknowledging that this is not a battle between a good guy and a bad guy.  Integrity means understanding the role you played in the toxicity and taking personal responsibility for breaking out of the victim mentality.  Integrity means being able to see a future where healing is possible, and calling the shots accordingly.” 

Back then, Jupiter had just entered Scorpio, ripping the lid off of things we had all worked to keep hidden, and I was devastated by the way this turned my life upside down.  Things were torn apart in ways I thought I could never recover from.  But I was steadfast in my Saturn trine Uranus mediation on increasing my integrity.  Now, Jupiter stations direct two days before this epic eclipse, and I am finally manifesting the healing that I set into motion with those meditations last November.

Juno plays a crucial role, transiting conjunct Uranus in Taurus, which can create room for developments in relationship boundaries that may seem sudden and shocking, but are actually long dormant potentials that we are finally becoming aware of.  In context of the Cancer New Moon opposite Pluto, Juno conjunct Uranus could be the creation of an alliance with someone you never dreamed you’d be associated with, the related anxiety of not having any life experience that is relevant to navigating and maintaining boundaries in a totally different type of arena, and also the unexpected things we learn about ourselves from these unexpected new relationships.

In other words, if you have recently formed a unique alliance unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, then that relationship is ground zero for shadow hunting.


Holding down the third corner linked to Saturn, Uranus and Juno, Venus and Ceres join together in Virgo, amplifying each other’s energies into a powerful blessing.  Integrity and the capacity for shadow integration are linked in a positive feedback loop- a thrilling, scary, and confusing process as both increase. When we have drastic changes in our perceptions of who we are, we can often feel like drastic actions are required to address what we perceive… but nothing could be more disorienting for us right now than drastic actions.  So during this new moon eclipse, with Jupiter and Psyche station direct, go outside after sunset and gaze at Venus.  Venus and Ceres are there with the loving hum of a sewing machine, the focus of guiding a mass of cloth around the point of action, creating the desired garment one stitch at a time with heroic patience… I can hear them murmuring, “keep up the good work…”

On July 15th, the Moon forms a conjunction to Venus and Ceres in Virgo, activating the grand earth trine and also connecting to the Mars/south node conjunction in Aquarius. It will be the 5th time the Moon transits conjunct Venus since she rose as the evening star, and represents Inanna claiming her voice as she ascends through the throat chakra gate.  Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for a special post-eclipse report on Venus/Inanna with meditations on opening the throat chakra.

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