Moon Conjunct Venus in Leo -and- The Heart Chakra

June 16th 2018: Three days after the New Moon in Gemini, the Moon meets Venus for the fourth time since she has risen as the evening star, representing Inanna ascending through the Heart chakra gate on her way out of the Underworld.  As Venus rises into the evening sky we declare our intention to fully open and activate our Heart chakras.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of love and connection to the source of all consciousness. The Heart chakra, anchored in the physical heart organ, generates a toroidal electromagnetic field around the human body, which carries our thoughts and emotions outside of our physical bodies, and absorbs the thoughts and emotions of others. Many of the uses of the Heart chakra have been culturally associated with the physical heart: it is the foundation of our experience of emotions, and therefore the basis of how we filter our reality.  We tend to feel buoyant and free during the experience of love and connection, and feel crushed and broken during the experience of separation and loss.  In a cleared and open Heart chakra there is a spinning stillness, a microcosm of the milky way.  This calm focus, this sense of oneness with source, is detached from projections onto others. -Planetary Clarity 

The Moon/Venus conjunction falls on 3° Leo, which is where the Sun/Mars conjunction occurred last year.  Now, Mars in Aquarius meets Venus in an incredible opposition aligned with the lunar nodes.  Mars is at a standstill, only ten days away from stationing retrograde.  The yang urges are under pressure from being parked on the south node- when we are able to observe the external situations that have triggered us into reactions in the past, and then finally choose to withhold those reactions, there can be some intense discomfort.  The human brain loves patterns and it always feels uncomfortable to break a pattern.

Venus and the Moon are joined by asteroid Hekate conjunct the north node in Leo.  The Oracle is creating an opposition to Mars, meeting him at the crossroads of the ecliptic.


Venus opposite Mars is connected to another major opposition: Mercury in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn.  Joined by asteroid Isis, this is the energy of the voice that speaks to the sadness and alienation of these pattern-breaking experiences, defining and labeling the borders, cliffs and chasms of the uncharted patternless territory, and committing to the hard work it takes to readjust.

Asteroid Sekhmet in Aries contacts Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn, opening the way.

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