The Solar Plexus Chakra -and- Persephone Station Direct

May 17th 2018: Two days after the New Moon in Taurus, the Moon meets Venus for the third time since she has risen as the evening star, representing Inanna ascending through the solar plexus chakra gate on her way out of the Underworld.

I am writing this post better late than never, to continue my ongoing study of the Venus cycle, the myth of Inanna, and the chakra system.  (In-depth explanations and links to past articles in this series can be found here and here.)

The solar plexus is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of self-mastery. We use it to probe our environments for vibrational information about our personal authority, and we use it to create connections that inform our inner strength and willpower.  A cleared and open solar plexus chakra provides an unshakable sense of self, immune to the insecurity of failure, immune to the pride of success.  As the Moon crosses over Venus for the third time since she has risen from the Underworld of superior solar conjunction, we state our intentions to blossom into the fullness of our solar plexus.

The chart I drew for Uranus entering Taurus on May 15th was stripped down to the two oppositions and two quincunxes connecting asteroid Persephone to Uranus and Chiron, and connecting Mars to asteroids Hekate and Apophis.  The chart for Moon conjunct Venus on May 17th elaborates these connections into their full configuration.


The most powerful circuit in this configuration is the triangle between Mars, Uranus, and Persephone in Libra.  Together they describe the tension of striving towards an impossible goal… we find failures in our haste, and then blame ourselves for over-reaching.  But there is nothing wrong with reaching for the impossible, at all.  It’s just that massive changes happen incrementally.  We don’t need to change our goals, we just need to learn how to slow down.  If we rush too fast towards a lofty destination, we will end up like a moth getting burned on a lamp. Slow down and allow the guidance of Hekate to find you, and receive the wild cards of Apophis that will actually change the game in your favor while you are playing.

Sometimes the chaos of Apophis is a slap in the face and sometimes it’s jovial and entertaining.  With his sextile to Uranus, and squares to Persephone and Chiron, he’s holding back on the aggressive fuckery and offering free spins on the wheel of fortune.

Apophis is perched at Zero Cancer, slightly ahead of 27° Gemini where the Moon meets Venus conjunct asteroids Athena and Isis.  Less than four hours later, the Moon is in Cancer conjunct Apophis when asteroid Persephone stations direct.

I have already written so much about Persephone’s journey through Libra, here are the links to my previous articles:

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On the day of May 17th I had an appointment with the doctor who did my surgery in August of 2016… I did not heal properly from that surgery, and when the pain returned to the same as it was before, I believed that I would never heal. I accepted that my physical suffering, and the related emotional suffering, were facts that I was going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. I had struggled to exist in my body for so long, it became easier to give up struggling and give up hope.  Persephone’s retrograde station during the first week of February saw me return to the struggle to make peace with my body, but honestly without hope.  On the day of Persephone’s return to direct motion, my doctor decided that we need to try another surgery.  She told me, we are not done, this isn’t over, we are going to keep trying.  This was a complete and total game changer for me.  Hope has returned.

Persephone’s aspects to Hekate and Mars show us the power of stillness to create a new path inward when there is no apparent way forward.  The contentious aspects Uranus is forming to Mars and Persephone remind us that all experiences are transactional, and that bad things happen when we don’t allow the universe to unfold at its own pace.  Inanna’s ascent through the solar plexus gate fills this moment with calm confidence, the strength to withdraw our reactions and wait, to trust that nothing is ever final.


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