Uranus at 29° Aries: Emergency

Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th 2018, and this week he covers the final arc-minutes of Aries. It is legitimately difficult for me to describe my experience of Uranus in Aries without emotional sensationalism or hyperbole.  His transit conjunct my natal Mercury, Mars, and Sun provided unequivocal lessons regarding my unresolved trauma, flipping over the rocks in my heart to reveal the things he will not allow me to hide any more.

When Uranus stationed retrograde conjunct my natal Mercury in 2014, I stopped lying to my loved ones with euphemisms about my physical illness, because telling the truth about my health requires me to open up about my traumatic injury.  Uranus freed me from the prison of shame and silence, and in giving me my voice, gave me the power to re-frame and own my story.

Uranus has spent the past entire year conjunct my natal Sun and Mars, and it has been a horrifically thorough revolution: I am giving up all of my unhealthy coping mechanisms; I am confronting my 30 year history of learned helplessness; I am actually learning how to effectively fix all my damaged relationships.

The explosive nature of Uranus in Aries feels like a particle collision- subatomic, violent, and entirely abnormal. Theoretical physicist Matt Strassler helped me connect the dots:

“…the strategy for figuring out what’s going on in a collision is to stand back and observe all the junk — and the few pearls — that come flying out of the collision location.  Then we work backwards — given what we see coming out, what must have gone on during the collision?”

The metaphor here is so accurate- a particle collision cannot be observed directly.  The only information we have about what actually happened is what we can infer from observing of the aftermath.


This week features Uranus at the final 29th degree of Aries, the anaretic degree that holds the condensed energy of the entire sign, with the urgency and imperative to accomplish the sign’s mission.  In Aries, this mission is individuation- specifically, realizing the Self through mastery of one’s primal urges.  As Uranus crosses this powerful threshold, there are several other crucial transits that give us insight into how to do this.

Mercury is transiting conjunct Uranus, exact at 29° Aries on May 13th, both forming a square to Mars in Capricorn.  Mars changes signs on the same day as Uranus, carrying their square from 29 degrees of cardinal, to zero of fixed. This is an emergency, a type of showdown, a moment of truth.  It takes bravery to speak truth to power.  It takes audacity to believe that you can be more than what you are.  It takes faith to step forward into the unknown.  This is all dangerous business.

Jupiter and asteroid Psyche in Scorpio form a sextile to Pluto and Lilith in Capricorn.  Jupiter sextile Pluto is about un-learning whatever is blocking us from actully understanding this thing we call reality.  Psyche helps us ask heretical questions with the pure longing of a soul seeking the light. Lilith’s influence is both synthesizing and shattering, a goddess paradox that demands nothing less than mastery over the things that were once buried under fears- fears that Jupiter’s Scorpio transit is abolishing.

When the Sun in Taurus transits opposite Jupiter this week (Earth’s closest approach to Jupiter, and the midpoint of Jupiter retrograde) look back to the events of last October when Jupiter entered Scorpio, and it should be plain to see how those events have led to this week’s culmination.

As if we needed any more intensity, the Sun is transiting trine Lilith and Pluto, while Mars transits trine Sedna.  Why does it hurt so much to step into my own power?  It’s the heaviest fucking thing I’ve ever had to carry.


In the early morning hours of May 10th, the Moon transits 16° Pisces, conjunct asteroid Sekhmet and Neptune. For those of us on the west coast, this happens exact conjunct the ascendant (or in other words, during moonrise).

Sekhmet’s dance with Neptune has done more to bring me back to my body than any other meditation- as a trauma survivor, as someone who dissociates, this is life saving.  Now at this moment, the Gaia/Lightning fusion of Sekhmet, transmitting from the hallucination of Neptune, through the womb-darkness of the Moon… just as a dream is a portal to another realm, this astrological alignment is a portal to the surrender that will empower us to fully occupy the Sahu… (with Uranus at 29° Aries, and the Sun aspecting Pluto and Jupiter… )

A few years ago, aboard the international space station, Colonel Chris Hadfield captured this gnarled, hiccupping photo from orbit and posted it on facebook with a caption that has been immortalized in my heart ever since:

“I’m used to rivers that know what they’re doing.”


Just like observing the aftermath of a particle collision, we can look at this waterway and imagine how it has moved throughout the centuries, coiling and writhing, leaving fragments behind as individual lakes, each developing a unique biota and personality of its own.  Just as our minds, our lives, our bodies, our identities rattle, jolt, and morph, creating broken parts and scars… the origin is unobservable.  Our observation of the current form gives us what we need to know about the unseen- this is the occult temper of planet Uranus.

Sa Sekhem Sahu


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    Oops, obviously this reply was not for you my dear, I was forwarding your post to someone else. Apologies. But I shall take the opportunity to thank you for your insightful sharing. Always grateful for the *clarity*.

    Much Love Teresa

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