Scorpio Full Moon – Marathon

Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio completes the lunar cycle that began with last November’s Scorpio New Moon Opposite Sedna: “The essence of a Scorpio New Moon is the nameless arcanum, also known as the Death card, a skeleton with a scythe clearing a field of disembodied faces and hands.  It is the essence of giving-up, and giving-up with one’s whole heart, embracing the emptiness, and trusting in a future where manifestation and nourishment beyond what we can currently imagine will fill the places that are now shockingly null.” The essence of a Scorpio Full Moon is the enlightenment uncovered in the stillness of meditation that allows us to detach from our trauma-based identities and perceive our unity with source- and this Full Moon is a deeply meaningful checkpoint for looking back and assessing what we’ve learned about ourselves since November.

Fall and Winter of 2017 was without a doubt one of the worst times of my entire life.  Suffering, heartbreak, separation, confusion, self-harm disguised as coping, conflict, and loss… now under the Scorpio Full Moon of 2018 I’m making new realizations about how I’m not necessarily trying to heal from those experiences or somehow manifest something different.  Those experiences are not “things that happened in the past and now it’s over and I can move on now.” No, no, no.  Day by day, week by week, those experiences have evolved and continue to unfold into what I am experiencing now because they are real-time expressions of my relationship with myself.


Another major astrological cycle comes to completion during the Scorpio Full Moon- Ceres in Leo transiting conjunct the mean lunar north node.  She stationed retrograde conjunct the north node last December and is crossing it again now, assisting us in a truly epic level-up around the concept of “know thyself.”

Ceres formed a quincunx to Pluto during her first conjunction to the north node, exposing the difficulties in acknowledging the most painful parts of who we are.  Now she is forming a quincunx to Saturn stationed retrograde, and a T-square to the Sun and Moon.  Asteroid Prometheus in Virgo forms a grand trine with Saturn and the Sun in Taurus.


Often, a full moon feels like a type of completion, or there can be a clear and obvious manifestation to celebrate.  Thanks to Ceres and Saturn, this full moon feels different.  We may still be struggling with basically the same issues that weighed us down six months ago, but there should be a stark and nearly astonishing difference in how our self-knowledge has changed our approach to how we process those issues.  The Taurus Sun is building to opposition with Jupiter, placing Earth as close as possible to Jupiter and his companion asteroid Psyche in Scorpio, which also contributes to the theme of uncovering things about ourselves that were previously hidden and/or too difficult to acknowledge.


During the past week I have been deeply inspired by Sarah Sellers, the nurse anesthetist who came in second place at the Boston Marathon- click here to read her story in the New York Times… she was a runner in college but stopped competing after she was injured.  Once she decided to attempt a marathon, she trained as much as she could after her demanding work shifts as a nurse-  far less than the workouts that usually produce elite running victories.  Then, on race day, the weather in Boston was utterly miserable, causing many of the top runners to underperform or drop out.  But not Sarah.

“I was very used to not feeling good while running.” she said. “I think that helped me.”

And it’s also deeply relevant that she did not set out to win the marathon.  She knew her past injury and the demands of her job limited her as an athlete, but she knew herself, she knew what she was and wasn’t capable of, and she did her best… and the victory came to her.  This is a living, breathing example of Scorpio Full Moon energy:  like the lotus emerging from the mud, our greatest achievements come in the form of self-knoweldge and emerge directly from our suffering.


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