Libra Full Moon Conjunct Persephone

On March 28th, the Sun in Aries reaches opposition to Persephone in Libra, the midpoint of Persephone retrograde.  As Earth aligns between Persephone and the Sun, we reach a new level of radical acceptance about the reality of living with trauma. On March 29th, the Sun completes its first square to Saturn in Capricorn, capturing the tension of the situations that have manifested and grown since the Sun-Saturn conjunction at Zero Capricorn last winter solstice.  This T-square gives us a much needed zoom-out view of the forest we can’t see for the trees… and with Venus transiting conjunct Uranus in Aries, it’s a powerful opportunity to break away from the limited perspectives of the past, confront the overwhelming challenge head on, and make a breakthrough.


Persephone’s extended transit through Libra is helping us craft a sense of purpose out of the wreckage and confusion of recent traumatic events. This is a time for developing multidimensional acceptance, which is the foundation we will need for the restorative integration of shadow that will commence when Persephone enters Scorpio in September.

Persephone’s power lies in her fearless choice to own her life- she shows us that we don’t need assistance to enter the darkness, and we certainly don’t need a savior to find the light. Her mother Ceres transiting conjunct the north node in Leo shows us how we can still accept help and caring from those who can’t join us on our journey. Radical acceptance empowers us to explore the most painful parts of ourselves that have been hidden away for self-protection; there is a surprising amount of suffering on the journey to realizing your own sacred value, and since it is a solitary journey by definition, there are natural urges to isolate ourselves when doing this work. But we are never truly alone. Persephone and Ceres are building towards a sextile aspect, which can be activated by actively allowing ourselves to benefit from the emotional support of our “cheer leaders” (friends, loved ones, a therapist… anyone who genuinely wants to see you succeed in your goal to embody your sacred truth, but also has the wisdom to practice healthy detachment because they know that you must do this work for yourself).

During the Libra Full Moon on March 31st, Persephone is also supported by a grand trine from two other asteroid goddesses, Sekhmet and Isis, all at 8 degrees of air signs.  Sekhmet is conjunct the south node in Aquarius, savagely and indiscriminately devouring everyone that lies in her path (are these obstacles/enemies or nah? don’t really care, gulp crunch chewing sounds)- this is a green light to fully pursue any resources that are available to us without guilt, without feeling unworthy and/or greedy.  Isis is conjunct fixed star Aldebaran in Gemini, the star of Archangel Michael, who guards, guides, and protects against falsehoods and deception with the flaming sword of truth. His essence connects with the galactic solar lovelight of Isis, conducting the symphony of energies from Sekhmet and Persephone, honoring the righteous and quieting the excess.

The Full Moon conjunct Persephone fills our cup of emotions to the brim as we learn a new level of radical acceptance; inefficient or counterproductive thought patterns dissolve as Mercury retrograde in Aries builds towards conjunction with the Sun.


On March 30th, Venus enters Taurus, maximum empowerment as she rules both Taurus and Libra, exerting a sensual inward contraction on the energies of the Libra Full Moon conjunct Persephone.  This feels like the warm impact of being caught, arriving somewhere after being flung, sinking into palpable stillness after a long period of dizziness and reeling.

The full moon on March 31st completes the lunar cycle that began with last October’s Libra New Moon that was associated with themes of fear.  The fears that dominated my life last October have now unfolded completely and reached their endgame, and I am here now blossoming into new levels of personal power, self-protection, self-help, and connection to intuition- replacing obsolete fear-based conflicts and projections of anger with a new helpful reality of interpersonal warmth and understanding.



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