Moon Conjunct Venus in Aries -and- The Root Chakra

March 18th 2018, one day after the new moon in Pisces, the Moon meets Venus for the first time since she has risen as the evening star, representing Inanna beginning her ascent out of the Underworld, crossing through the root chakra gate. Today’s astrology also features Sun conjunct Chiron; Mars ingress Capricorn; and Ceres station direct.

When we use the Venus cycle and chakra meditations to represent the myth of Inanna, we are symbolically acting out cycles of releasing unwanted patterns and attachments, death to self, then re-integration, and a new experience of the self.  As the years pass we take our experiences and perceptions and identity, and we unravel them, and weave them, and unravel, and weave, and unravel, and weave.  This is the work of healing, the work of becoming an actualized human.

After the inferior solar conjunction during Venus retrograde, the Moon-Venus conjunctions occur just before new moons, with each progressively closer and closer to the Sun, until Venus disappears from view behind the Sun’s glare.  The corresponding chakra meditations start at the Crown and descend to the Root.

As Venus rises from the Underworld of superior solar conjunction, she becomes visible in the evening, so Moon-Venus conjunctions occur just after new moons, with each conjunction progressively higher and higher in the sky- the chakra meditations that correspond with this part of the Venus cycle start at the Root and ascend to the Crown.

The Root chakra is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of safety. We use it to probe our environments for vibrational information about safety and survival, and we use it to create connections with Gaia(also known as grounding) which protects our multidimensional bodies. Our primal instincts rise up through the root chakra, and we lose our connection to these instincts when the root chakra is blocked.  Lack of access to the instincts that arise from Gaia in real-time, is associated with the phenomena of Fear.

Obviously not all fear is something we should be working to overcome.  Gaia can and does send warnings, alarms.  We need those alarms, they are a part of our instincts.  Last October we declared our intentions to face our fears and remove all blockages from the root chakra. Inanna’s descent through the root chakra gate gave us many opportunities to learn how to discern between the empowering fear of an earth-based alarm rising up through the root chakra, vs. the debilitating fear that results from having nothing rising up through the root chakra at all.

Now, we state our intentions to open up into the fullness of our Root, embodying the amorphous yet penetrating connection to Gaia, in tune with the messages and signals we are receiving.  Like a candle shattering the darkness of a pitch black room, an opened and awakened root chakra shatters fear.

The Moon meets Venus at 14° Aries in close conjunction with Mercury 15° Aries.  Mercury is near motionless as he stations retrograde, blurring the linear perception of time.  They form a difficult square aspect to Lilith at 14° Capricorn, however Lilith is in a harmonious aspect with the opposition between Neptune and Prometheus.

Neptune, Chiron, and asteroid Prometheus all feature prominently in this chart. The first opposition between Prometheus and Neptune became exact on October 30th, shortly after Inanna’s descent through the root chakra gate.  The second opposition (thanks to Prometheus retrograde in Virgo) will become exact shortly after Inanna’s ascent through this gate.

Prometheus opposite Neptune warps our understanding of what we are and aren’t capable of achieving. Look back to what happened at the end of October, remember how you took those lumps, process the ways you have grown beyond your old fears, and consider how that growth brought you back around the spiral to where you are now- maybe the same type of lumps being handed out, but on a much higher level this time. As I follow the flow from Prometheus, to Neptune, to Lilith, to Venus and the Moon, I feel totally fearless.

The Sun exacts conjunction to Chiron in Pisces today, illuminating the never-healing wound.  It is a fact of life as an incarnated human that the work of healing is never done.  Weave, unravel, weave, unravel, weave. This is the final Sun-Chiron conjunction in Pisces before Chiron enters Aries.  Two months ago, asteroid Prometheus stationed retrograde in Virgo, building an opposition to Chiron in Pisces; next August, their opposition becomes complete in Libra and Aries.

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn has no shortage of energy to manage, flanked by Pluto and Saturn, but today also brings the ingress of Mars into Capricorn- this heralds the next Mars Retrograde that will take place mostly in Aquarius, but crosses back into Capricorn to station direct between August 12th and September 10th.

Capricorn puts a cutting edge on the planet of action, it can be efficient or it can be ruthless.  The struggle of Mars in any Cardinal sign is the urge to accomplish goals by any means necessary, truly the means do not matter to cardinal Mars. Capricorn Mars can be heartless and robotic when it is fixated on a specific outcome and doesn’t care how it gets there.  But the focus shouldn’t be on any particular outcome at this time.  The focus should be on the process of integrating new information from the root chakra, to fill the voids once occupied by fear.  Use the efficiency of Capricorn Mars to act on this new information as it arises, released from the expactations of a specific outcome.

Which finally brings us to Ceres, stationing direct at 4° Leo, which was the exact degree of last year’s conjunction between the Sun and Mars.  Ceres places the emphasis on themes of nurturing- in Leo her focus is on giving and receiving the care that is needed to develop and sustain healthy self-esteem.  Last December she stationed retrograde conjunct the north node, extending their connection for several weeks, which gave us an opportunity to re-orient ourselves towards a healthier future.  Now as Ceres stations direct, she’s giving us the opportunity to carry ourselves in a way that reflects our true value.  It shouldn’t feel like a test.  If you did the work, it should feel like your time to shine.



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3 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct Venus in Aries -and- The Root Chakra

  1. Deeply appreciate the work you do and the clarity you bring. This most recent indeed clearing space for a more ‘in tune’ journey as we move through this powerful period. Thank you

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