Persephone Station Retrograde

February 8th 2018: Asteroid Persephone stations retrograde at 14° Libra, forming an exact sextile to the mean lunar north node in Leo, and a trine to Mercury as he transits conjunct the south node in Aquarius.

Persephone is in Limbo, “a situation where they seem to be caught between two stages and it is unclear what will happen next.” 

As she hangs motionless in Limbo, her precision aspects to the lunar nodes and Mercury direct our attention to that which no longer exists.  We want to process the past, we want to say what needs to be said.  We aren’t sure of the right way to do this, but the only way to figure it out is to start talking. The Sun and Moon form aspects that set the tone, and it isn’t melancholy or nostalgic at all.

The Sun and Juno in Aquarius are met by a square from Jupiter conjunct Psyche in Scorpio.  Jupiter and Psyche demand that we ask worldview-shattering questions.  Emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, everyone has something that gets ignored and dismissed because it does not fit into our current understanding of how the world works.  These blind spots are where Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio have entered and forced us to confront the discrepancy in our understanding.  Juno and the Sun demand application- an external act to manifest these new realizations into a very strange, very uncomfortable, very necessary new orientation to boundaries.

Moon conjunct Mars flushes our cheeks with the rage of frustration.  If we had only known then, what we know now.  At the moment of Persephone’s station, the Moon is transiting conjunct Mars at 8° Sagittarius, the exact degree where Mars stationed retrograde throughout April of 2016.  The new orientation to boundaries being created right now in my life is the next level evolution of addressing the unhealthy reality that I participated in creating in April of 2016.

Sometimes we avoid being truly authentic and honest about our past, and how the past led up to the present moment, because it can feel as though we are exposing ourselves to be seen in ways that we do not want to be seen.  But our refusal to allow connections between the many dimensions of our lives, keeps us in denial about our actual strengths and weaknesses.  Persephone’s 10-month-long transit through the Limbo of Libra is about developing acceptance of ourselves in every dimension.


September Morn, 1911 – Paul Émile Chabas


I am so drawn to this image right now as it perfectly captures the unanswered questions being asked during Persephone Station Retrograde.  What activates our instincts to cover ourselves when we are exposed? How do we feel when we are seen in ways that we have no control over? What is the relationship between anger, vulnerability, and embarrassment? Is modesty nothing more than a stunted and immature form of self-defense? How do we take our power back in situations where we are completely exposed and vulnerable?

Have courage, dear hearts.  We are on the verge of blooming into our full strength.  Venus is currently at 27° Aquarius, the degree of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15th, and on February 19th, Venus returns to the visible sky as the evening star.


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