Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – No Fate But What We Make

January 31st 2018: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, completing an extraordinary lunar cycle that began with two Leo New Moons last fall (the second of which was the August 21st solar eclipse).  This lunar eclipse is being widely regarded as a supermoon, despite the fact that the previous full moon was closer to perigee, and also a lot of hype for being a “blue moon.”  The repeat of full moons in January is astrologically irrelevant- the repeat of new moons in Leo that began this cycle is infinitely more compelling to consider.

Leo New Moon Conjunct Mars – and – The Heart Chakra

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse – and – The Solar Plexus

The seeds planted during these new moons were best described in a brilliant essay on the struggles of finding an authentic self-care practice. Laurie Penny suggests that we can “learn a great deal from the queer community, which has long taken the attitude that caring for oneself and one’s friends in a world of prejudice is not an optional part of the struggle—in many ways, it is the struggle.”

…..Chris Maisano concludes that while “the appeal of individualistic and therapeutic approaches to the problems of our time is not difficult to apprehend . . . it is only through the creation of solidarities that rebuild confidence in our collective capacity to change the world that their grip can be broken.”

Last July, I wrote:

“Having low self-esteem gives free reign to unchecked shadow, which is at the root of all the world’s problems.  And yet, focusing on improving your own self-esteem can be a selfish act when it reinforces the structures and beliefs of our toxic culture.  I believe that a better future depends on enough people realizing that low self-esteem and fake individual ego high self-esteem are both rooted in the lie of individualism, both manifest isolation, and so therefore the solution is to destroy isolation- a revolutionary act of rebellion against our poisonous culture.”

When I wrote these words, I was planting seeds to manifest a new tribe of women in my life.  I had no way of knowing what it would look like at the time, but I have found and joined this tribe under the magic of the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which falls less than five degrees from my natal north node.  My future is being re-written.

“There is no fate but what we make.” -John Connor


The full moon is astrologically exact at 5:27am, maximum eclipse is at 5:29am, but I have set this chart for 5:40am, the moment that Mercury enters Aquarius.  The synchronicity of this shift turbo-charges the transformative nature of the eclipse.  Every new person we connect with changes us in some way, great or small, and when we connect with a new community, that dynamic of change increases exponentially.

The Eclipse Moon is exact conjunct Ceres retrograde at 11° Leo, less than four degrees from the north node.  Venus at 16° Aquarius is less than two degrees from the south node.  Ceres places the emphasis on themes of nurturing- in Leo her focus is on giving and receiving the care that is needed to develop and sustain healthy self-esteem.  Ceres transiting conjunct the north node in Leo is an opportunity to re-orient ourselves towards a healthier future, and this eclipse is the catalyst that makes that opportunity into a reality. Juno is close to the south node and Venus, and together they give us the grace to know that any gain must always be preceded by a letting-go.  Inanna is still in the underworld, reminding us of all the things we have to leave behind in order to make our own fate.


During the past couple of weeks leading up to the eclipse, an interesting hourglass has been forming between two oppositions: Chiron opposite Prometheus, and Jupiter/Psyche opposite Isis. Jupiter and Psyche are advancing through Scorpio, while Prometheus is retrograde- that sextile is expanding as it builds.  On the other side of the zodiac, Chiron is met by Sedna retrograde in Taurus- that sextile is contracting as it separates.

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Prometheus retrograde depicts the Eagle of Zeus eating the liver of Prometheus in chains.  This was a consequence that Prometheus accepted without a single moment of regret for what he had done.  He knew that Zeus was merely retaliating for the fact that the gift of stolen fire diminished humanity’s dependence on the gods.  This sextile explains the difference between healthy Yang and deranged Yang.

Chiron sextile Sedna is a powerful and very long-term aspect that is teaching us exactly what to do with our greatest trauma.  Pain haunts us for years or decades when we are not able to fully understand it and integrate it into our conscious awareness.  And our pain haunts us double, triple, quadruple when we hate ourselves for being hurt. This sextile explains the difference between healthy Yin and shrunken withered Yin.

These sextiles help us become aware of the dissonance of imbalances in our own energy field, and if we choose to accept that awareness and make the effort to choose health during this eclipse, we will experience healing beyond what we ever truly believed was possible.

Chiron blurs the line between student and teacher, and this aligns him with the themes of Mercury’s ingress into Aquarius during the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse conjunct Ceres. I am amazed by the power of my new community as each one of us has a small part in healing everyone else.


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