Full Moon in Cancer: Walking Bear

January 1st 2018: The Full Moon in Cancer completes the lunar cycle that began with the previous Cancer New Moon on June 23rd 2017.  That was without a doubt the most profound New Moon of 2017. With the Sun and Moon conjunct asteroid Hekate, it was the crossroads connecting the end of the old path with the beginning of a new one.

For me, Cancer Moons are all about Bear Magic, and the aspects that accompanied last year’s Cancer New Moon spoke to me about waking up from hibernation, specifically the hibernation of Hekate’s black dog depression:

“I’d never been in a deep depression before, and while there’s no doubt that’s where I was, something about it made no sense. I hadn’t gone through trauma, hadn’t lost anyone close to me, wasn’t really unsatisfied with my life…so where was it coming from? In my case, the depression wasn’t the effect following an event, but the prequel—the messenger—of what was coming.” -Grace Ng Dung

In my Cancer New Moon article I discussed the difference between hibernation and torpor, which is the more accurate description of the physiological state where bears remain acutely aware of their surroundings and any possible danger, even when their temperature and heart rates are deeply suppressed:

“I feel like I have spent the last two years in a multidimensional state of torpor, affecting my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers in different and inter-related ways. With a default of being hunkered down in a depressed state, I daily shake myself out of deep suspension to be hypervigilant- returning to seek the lowest possible levels of stimulation when I am done… The Bear Mother wants me to know that eventually I am going to have to stop violently shivering off the torpor, just to return to a deep sleep again.  At some point, I am going to have to leave the Hibernaculum, and really, truly, wake up.” -Planetary Clarity

During that New Moon in Cancer six months ago, Mars was nearby at 12° Cancer, forming a square to Jupiter in Libra, a sextile to asteroid Psyche in Virgo, and a trine to Neptune in Pisces.  That was the Yin Bear in the Hibernaculum, checked out in the dark with muted senses, while still scanning for signs of anything that might demand attention from the surrounding environment, protecting and sustaining the life of her offspring at the great personal cost that only a mother can pay.

On new year’s day 2018, the Full Moon is at 11° Cancer exact trine Neptune, while Mars, Jupiter, and Psyche converge to form a stellium conjunction in Scorpio, square the lunar nodes.  This is the awakening of the Yang Bear, Walking Bear.  Awake, hunting, building up the body fat, seeking honey and consorting with the bees.  Hekate foreshadowed this six months ago, and now I know what last summer’s depression was a prequel for. The first chapter of a new story is beginning now.


Mars exacts conjunction to Psyche on December 30th, and to Jupiter on January 6th; Jupiter and Psyche will stay within 3° conjunction for the next eight months.

Read more about Ceres conjunct the North Node in Leo with Planetary Clarity

Reflecting the life force of the Capricorn Sun (supercharged by Saturn, Lilith, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn), the Full Moon in Cancer reveals how ready we are for this new story.  It shows us how our lack of self-awareness was a void that we filled with things that we thought we needed, and how those things took up space that blocked us from developing our true selves.  Now the space has been cleared of those things we once needed and loved, but were holding us back.  As we are confronted with the fullness of what has been lost, a new orientation to our authentic path has been revealed.  With Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn, and Venus (Inanna) hanging in the Underworld of superior solar conjunction, the gaping chasm left behind by this loss can be felt throbbing as the exhilarating potential of getting down to business and starting over from square one.

Mars, Psyche, and Jupiter aspected each other during the Cancer New Moon, and are now fused in conjunction during the Cancer Full Moon.  We are no longer scanning the horizons for something to react to, we are moving forward with an internally defined sense of purpose.  Jupiter’s square to the lunar nodes shows how much power we have to navigate the gains and losses of our external circumstances when we are in control of our own narrative.

If what matters in a person’s existence is to accept the inevitable consciously, to taste the good and bad to the full and to make for oneself a more individual, unaccidental and inward destiny alongside one’s external fate, then my life has been neither empty nor worthless. Even if, as it is decreed by the gods, fate has inexorably trod over my external existence as it does with everyone, my inner life has been of my own making. I deserve its sweetness and bitterness and accept full responsibility for it.” -Herman Hesse



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3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Cancer: Walking Bear

  1. WOW!!!! This is incredible. I am so intrigued by your forecasts and interpretations.

    This article is very interesting to me because last year in July I had a dream…. (I’m a very lucid dreamer. I’m always traveling through the spirit realm and having communication with other sources… Mars in Pisces 5th house)
    Any ways the dream I had. I was out in the wilderness. It was dark out. I fell off a cliff and had a violent fall crashing down. I fell to the bottom which was a sand bed near the ocean shores. There was another body their laying on rocks.
    Then a huge grizzly bear came towards the body on the rocks. I yelled for them to get up and move. I even threw rocks at them but they weren’t moving.
    The bear began making it’s way towards me. I panicked and tried climbing up the cliff but it was slippery and I was beat up from the fall.
    The came turned me around. The moment I faced him the scenery escaped and it was just the bear and I in a void space of darkness.
    The bear began speaking to me telepathically. He was blind and had a message for me.
    All I can remember today is that I need to begin learning to see the way he does as a blind wondering bear. To trust my instincts and sharpen my psychic senses.
    At the very end of the dream before waking up the entire seen changes and all I can see is a vision shown to me.
    The vision was a type tropical fish eating a small common looking fish. The vision part was really strange and I’m still interpreting it.

    Any ways I really appreciate you article and work. This makes me feel I’m on the right track and hitting a check point in my mission.

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