Ceres and the North Node

December 10th 2017, Ceres transits conjunct the mean lunar north node in Leo.  On December 16th Ceres stations retrograde, extending her conjunction to the north node through the end of January 2018.  At the moment Ceres first crosses the north node at 18° Leo, she is in perfect alignment with the third quarter moon 18° Virgo and the Sun 18° Sagittarius, and also forming a perfect quincunx to Pluto 18° Capricorn.

Ceres places the emphasis on themes of nurturing- in Leo her focus is on giving and receiving the care that is needed to develop and sustain healthy self-esteem.  Transiting conjunct the north node in Leo for the next several weeks is an opportunity to re-orient ourselves towards a healthier future.  For a person with low self-esteem, simply deciding to start loving yourself isn’t enough.  You have to actually get to know yourself, know thyself, to know how to carry yourself in a way that reflects your true value.

Pluto’s quincunx to Ceres and the north node is a depiction of how painful it can be to really learn the truth about who we are, and why it is so often easier to avoid these areas of ourselves entirely.  The third quarter moon is positioned perfectly to mediate this quincunx, with Sun trine Ceres and the Moon trine Pluto.  In Sagittarius, the Sun gives Ceres support to go beyond the zone of comfort; in Virgo, the Moon gives Pluto a boost of motivation to roll up our sleeves, dig in, and do the dirty work.


And Mars has just crossed into Scorpio.  I always hear that Mars is at home in Scorpio, but I have never seen any evidence that the planet of action functions anywhere near optimal underground.  Rather, I have consistently seen desperation as the primary expression of Mars in Scorpio, which can often be channeled into a type of determination to succeed, but more often used to create the facade of success.  If the Martian drive to build and work in Scorpio isn’t used entirely to construct these elaborate images that gain the native power through social status, then it is almost always used to construct rigid and narrow borders where success becomes inevitable, like a big fish in a small pond.

The only way to manifest a positive expression of Mars in Scorpio, in my opinion, is to turn it 100% inward.  Over the next several weeks during Ceres conjunct the north node, Mars will transit conjunct Psyche and Jupiter in Scorpio.  We will be humbled if not outright humiliated if we use the energy of Mars in Scorpio to force upward growth by limiting our arena, or by fooling others.  The lesson now is to channel the desperation of Underground Mars into a meditation on the seed, not yet sprouted, silently and invisibly straining and tearing itself apart in the dark.


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