Gemini Full Moon -and- Mercury Retrograde

Sunday December 3rd, the Moon becomes full in Gemini only eight hours after Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde. Being ruled by a motionless planet makes this full moon feel surreal by placing it completely outside of our regular timeline.  Neptune at 11° Pisces forms precise squares to the Sun and Moon, and a trine to Jupiter at 11° Scorpio, adding to the otherworldly feeling of this moment.



Sun square Neptune taps into the extremes of creativity and imagination, which can range anywhere from divine inspiration to delusional projections.  Jupiter in Scorpio (activated by the Scorpio New Moon two weeks ago) is already fulfilling its promise to expose the truth about our shadows: not only the fact that our projections can always be traced back to our own inner darkness, but also that once this darkness is identified and acknowledged, it can just as easily be our point of connection to the sacred.



Jaan Künnap


The full moon’s connection to Jupiter and Neptune channels these themes into forms that are simultaneously familiar and bizarre.  In the days leading up to this Gemini Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde, I’ve personally experienced- and witnessed all around me- dramatic collapses of obsolete timelines, while a new timeline is incubating heavy like a fully formed fetus in the great pregnant belly of possibility. After a timeline collapse, we can’t rely on our memories or create plans, but we can always tap into our intuition in the present moment. Despite all of the fears and uncertainty, despite the fact that this is a temporary and unpredictable distortion of reality, there is a strong sense of grounded peace coming from the cells of the body in real-time, letting us know that this is a totally ordinary rite of passage for a human.



Mercury’s retrograde station at 29° Sagittarius is one small part of 2017’s most epic astrological configuration: the grand fire trine between Uranus in Aries, the north node in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, with Mercury’s 2017 retrogrades crossing each of the three corners.

For the rest of December, Mercury will be crossing over the degrees that Saturn has occupied since the end of 2016.  This is the end of 2017’s  Mercury Retrogrades: Trines in Fire Signs and as I accurately predicted in that article, it currently feels like the last chance to embody positive change for ourselves and for our shared future, before Saturn enters Capricorn (and Uranus enters Taurus), when possibilities will suddenly seem much less flexible.

In Sagittarius, the search for truth is linear, and revolves around the interplay of Oneness and Individuality. Saturn and Mercury’s influence on this full moon is surprisingly isolating and surprisingly empowering as we realize how much distance we have traveled from that which we previously relied on.  In Gemini, the search for truth is omnidirectional.  It’s about finding wholeness in diversity and multiplicity.  The Gemini Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde conjunct Saturn is a moment that is pregnant with the infinity of possibility, and dripping with creative power for those who are ready to take on the responsibility of weaving the new reality.


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