Venus In The Dark

November 28th 2017:  Venus disappears from the morning sky, obscured by the glare of the Sun. This begins a 12-week journey of superior solar conjunction (Venus orbiting behind the far side of the Sun).  When Venus is less than ten degrees away from the Sun, she is not visible anywhere on Earth. This part of the Venus cycle represents Inanna in the Underworld, as the physical, sensual, feeling nature of Venus is stripped away from our awareness, and we come face to face with the void.  So much of our constructed identities revolve around our Venusian attachments, and when they are torn away, we are faced with the stark naked truth of who we are.

The Underworld themes of this specific superior solar conjunction are astonishingly authentic. At 26° Scorpio, the morning descent of Venus echoes the exact degree of last week’s Scorpio New Moon, opposite Sedna 26° Taurus. And on January 8th 2018, Venus completes her conjunction to the Sun exact conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, a very literal rendezvous with King Hades.

Just like the Scorpio New Moon of November 18th, Venus opposite Sedna is aligned with Saturn trine Uranus.  Except now, Mercury is aligned with Saturn in Sagittarius, and asteroid Athena is aligned with Uranus in Aries.



Venus opposite Sedna

Venus embodies the Yin principle.  Her essence can be found in the signals we receive from anything we touch.  Mars is the action of reaching out, Venus is the experience of feeling whatever it is we’ve reached out for.  When Venus is the morning star, we meditate on Inanna’s descent, we meditate on removing blockages from our chakras as we pass each gate on our way to the Underworld, making the conscious choice to terminate the negative patterns that stand in the way of optimal Yin. Now that the descent is complete, we enter the stage of total surrender. When chakras are cleansed, we can receive information through them in brand new ways, or perhaps for the first time ever: this is auric reprogramming. We can resist being reprogrammed (as most people tend to do when given the opportunity to truly evolve), or, we can surrender.  Now is the time to close your eyes and trust this universe to give you what you need to receive.  Let go of what you think that’s going to look like.  Venus in the Underworld is Venus in the dark.  And the opposition to Sedna brings it home to the darkest blackness of the bottom of the ocean- Sedna, mutilated and betrayed woman who transformed herself into a creative goddess with the forces of righteous anger, connected to Venus as she disappears into the shadows.  There is infinite regenerative power at rock bottom.  Allow it.

Mercury and Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center

Mercury is stationing retrograde conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, amplifying our cognitive awareness of Saturnian energies at a fever pitch- whenever Saturn is in the final degrees of a sign, the urgency of processing and integrating the lessons learned during the transit of that sign becomes crucial. Saturn first entered Sagittarius around Christmas of 2014, and since then we have increased our maturity in the way that only Saturn can chisel maturity out of us, forcing us to choose the degree to which we will conform to the limitations of our historical era and generation, forcing us to accept the container of our mental/physical/social abilities. With the added influence of the Galactic Center at the end of Sagittarius, the influx of energy through Mercury is legitimately overwhelming.  For every 1 person I’ve seen who has successfully expanded beyond their horizons during Saturn in Sagittarius, I’ve seen 15 people slamming into brick walls as their attempts to expand are met by Saturn’s smackdown.  No matter what our specific lessons may have been, the pressure to wrap it up and make sense of what we’ve learned is overwhelming.  Mercury’s retrograde is going to drag out this process that we are all so anxious to bring to an end.  There is so much pressure.

Athena Rx conjunct Uranus Rx

Athena and Uranus are both retrograde and will station direct together at the end of the year, showing that the Uranian unrest in the collective is the primary underlying obstacle to individual wellness.  We are living through the endgame of our toxic society, and many of us are in the endgame of toxic relationships, too-  in some way we are all working to disengage from broken systems that do not support us.  And if we want to create a reality where our needs are truly taken care of, we all need to do the work to acknowledge and overcome the trauma that distorts the way the mind creates our image of the body.  In other words, we need to explore the ways that our battles in life are reflections of our inner war.

This trine is deeply relevant to Venus in the Underworld: Mercury and Athena will have both finished their retrogrades, stationed direct, and returned to these exact degrees when Venus and the Sun complete their conjunction with Pluto on January 8th 2018.



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