Scorpio New Moon Opposite Sedna

November 18th 2017: Scorpio New Moon opposite Sedna; Saturn trine Uranus; and Mars square Pluto.

This New Moon is Jupiter’s inauguration into the sign of Scorpio, which he entered on October 10th. All of the themes I gleaned from the symmetrical glyph formed by the closest aspects at the moment of Jupiter’s ingress are now in full effect.  Jupiter in Scorpio

The Sun and Moon form a perfect opposition to Sedna in Taurus, in alignment with the third and final exact trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.  Saturn trine Uranus

So much of the current energies are dominated by the themes I’ve explored in depth in those two articles. Beyond all that, this Scorpio New Moon is about Sedna.

From Sedna, Inuit Sea Goddess by Megan Croutch

“In many versions of the legend, Sedna sinks to the bottom of the sea following the loss of her fingers. In some mysterious way, she defies the death that usually awaits a person left to drown while bleeding copiously. Instead, she emerges from this traumatic experience as a powerful goddess, reborn in the ocean’s womb.”

“She not only survives, but flourishes due to the transformative power of rage. This could recast the ending as a portrait of positive rage, that forgoes destruction and condemnation in favour of construction and salvation. It could be seen as a model of response to trauma, as Sedna uses her justifiable anger in order to transform herself into a necessary creative force.”

Inuit Goddess Sedna by Tara Porter


On the west coast of the United States, we have Mars Rising during the Scorpio New Moon, forming a square to the new moon’s ruler Pluto.   The raging impulses of Mars square Pluto can escape as explosive violence, but this aspect is also associated with feeling furious about a situation where our hands are tied- an intense desire for action without an outlet, forcing us to find another way to grapple with our own powerful feelings.

The essence of a Scorpio New Moon is the nameless arcanum, also known as the Death card, a skeleton with a scythe clearing a field of disembodied faces and hands.  It is the essence of giving-up, and giving-up with one’s whole heart, embracing the emptiness, and trusting in a future where manifestation and nourishment beyond what we can currently imagine will fill the places that are now shockingly null.



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