Moon Conjunct Venus in Scorpio -and- The Earth Star Chakra

Shortly after midnight, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Moon meets Venus in Scorpio for the 8th time since Venus rose as the morning star in Aries.  There are usually seven Moon-Venus conjunctions between Sun-Venus conjunctions, corresponding to the seven personal chakras.

After the inferior solar conjunction during Venus retrograde, the Moon-Venus conjunctions occur just before new moons, with each progressively closer and closer to the Sun, until Venus disappears from view behind the Sun’s glare.  This is a living chakra meditation that starts at the Crown and descends to the Root.

So I figure that this rare 8th visible Moon-Venus conjunction corresponds to the 5D Earth Star Chakra, located below the Root.

Before we explore the current astrology and the meaning of the Earth Star chakra, here are links to my previous articles to review- the first one includes an in-depth explanation of the Moon-Venus-Sun cycle and the chakra meditation based on the myth of Inanna (inspired by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School).

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Building on the configuration I examined on November 15th when Athena Retrograde re-entered Aries, (where I said “This chart describes the reality that if we currently resonate with the idea of being at war, then there is a war inside ourselves.”) two days later we can add the Sun at 25° Scorpio opposite Sedna and Isis, and the Moon crossing Venus at 12° Scorpio, trine Neptune.  Sekhmet has advanced to 26 Libra, opposite Uranus in Aries and also taking her turn sextile Saturn in the yod to Sedna and Isis. Psyche and Vesta have both entered Scorpio, perfecting their sextiles to Lilith in Capricorn.



Sekhmet sextile Saturn, yod to Sedna conjunct Isis opposite the Scorpio Sun

Sedna represents trauma, betrayal, mutilation, and the power of shadow.  The energy of Isis holds the lovelight and radiance of the galactic solar heart source, a stark polar contrast to Sedna. The Sekhmet-Saturn sextile opens the way to learn a difficult lesson that has been a long time coming, regarding the combination of Sedna/Isis and how we fuse them or compartmentalize.  The Sun’s transformative, soul-searching position in the yod completely permeates our entire life force with these lessons, supporting the themes of Athena retrograde: bringing our subconscious awareness of the body into alignment with the physical reality of the body.  And as we saw when Athena retrograde re-entered Aries, this awareness is being achieved through conflicts that can reveal the places where we have been at war within ourselves.

Vesta and Psyche at Zero Scorpio sextile Lilith Zero Capricorn

Scorpio is currently the most action packed sign of the zodiac, with Psyche, Vesta, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon, and the Sun activating themes of surrender, ego death, digging deeper, and things happening behind the scenes.  Psyche represents the soul’s inherent longing for the light, and Vesta represents the vitality of the heart-flame.  As they simultaneously enter Scorpio, their energies invert, which is painful but supportive as we go through this period of learning hard lessons about ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and how an inner war becomes projected onto the other people in our lives.  The sextile to Lilith in Capricorn gives us the opportunity to choose a higher level of consciousness, to integrate in a practical, productive way- or to split apart, creating new trauma.

Moon conjunct Venus trine Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra

Which brings us to the rare 8th descending gate of Inanna’s journey to the Underworld, correspinding to the Earth Star chakra: Moon conjunct Venus in Scorpio, trine Neptune in Pisces.

Before my son was born in 2015 I had started to learn about the 5D chakras and found these meditations to be incredibly powerful in clearing and expanding my energy field, and increasing the power of my connection to the Earth and cosmos.  In the years since my son’s birth, my physical health has severely declined, affecting every layer of my interdimensional body, and I have only been activating my energy field using the 7 basic chakras.  When researching this article I’ve learned that the symptoms of disconnection from the Earth Star chakra include circulation problems, eating disorders, and problems relating to the hips and pelvic region- issues that I have struggled with for a long time.

The Earth Star chakra is located beneath and outside of the body.  It connects to the Root chakra and the energy centers in the feet, acting as a junction between the body and the center of the Earth.  If you are familiar with the Root chakra, you have a basic understanding that the Root chakra connects you to the Earth.  The Earth Star chakra elaborates and deepens our awareness of this connection, and as we seek to connect with the Earth through our Chakras, the Earth Star gathers the flow from not just the Root but also the feet, and condenses it into a single stream of energy, which connects to the molten iron magnetic core at the center of the Earth.  It also works in reverse, collecting the force from the source of Earth’s magnetic field before distributing it to the Root chakra and to the energy centers in the feet.  Once this awareness is established, simply “connecting to the earth through the root chakra” feels like ABC’s and 123’s.


Scorpio is the sign of things that happen underground, and Pisces is the sign of the subconscious.  The trine between the 8th Moon/Venus conjunction and Neptune gives us an incredible opportunity to open our connection to the Earth Star chakra, reaching out into this unexplored area of our lightbody, and learning a deeper and more powerful way to align ourselves with the energy field of our planet that originates in the iron core and extends into outer space.

But I must include a warning to keep this meditation in context. Astrodienst’s warning when you choose the option for looking at a Draconic chart is extremely relevant: “Please select this option only if you really know what you are doing.”   This Moon-Venus conjunction happens shortly after Athena retrograde re-enters Aries, and shortly before the Scorpio New Moon.  With Jupiter in Scorpio, along with Psyche and Vesta, and the New Moon taking place opposite Sedna in Taurus, many of us are experiencing what feels like warfare as our old illusions shatter and reveal the massive amounts of toxicity that have been stuck in our blind spots.   Locating and clearing blockages from the Earth Star chakra at this time will turbo-assist the astrological processes I described in the first two paragraphs below the zodiac chart.

Stay tuned to Planetary Clarity for tomorrow’s article: Scorpio New Moon opposite Sedna.


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