Saturn trine Uranus: Integrity

November 10th 2017: Saturn’s third and final exact trine to Uranus in Aries. Around midnight on the west coast, the rising Leo Moon creates a grand fire trine. Saturn is also aspected by T-square from asteroid Persephone opposite Chiron.



This is a major turning point in taking responsibility for things that we have previously felt were out of our control, finding the courage to stand ever taller and stronger with integrity. Uranus and Saturn’s first two Trines In Fire Signs exacted on December 24th 2016 and May 17th 2017, setting into motion a chain of events that changed the status quo of our lives in superlatively disruptive ways. Over the past few weeks as the third trine grew closer, Jupiter in Scorpio has placed a spotlight over the most painful aspects of this transformation.  And Lilith enters Capricorn, while Juno finally completes her conjunction to Pluto, placing a business edge on the way we deal with our boundaries and assisting us in being pragmatic as we reassess what we will and will not tolerate. In the coming weeks, Mars in Libra will square Pluto and oppose Uranus, building up pressure to address issues that have been ignored and take action to make changes, especially where relationships are concerned.

The Leo Moon quincunx Chiron and trine Saturn: In all types of relationships, we take the bad with the good.  There’s the myth of partnership where two people are in perfect alignment and never disagree or clash in any way, but that’s hardly reality for most relationships.  So we place the things that upset us into context of the things we are grateful for.  This might be an excellent relationship strategy for two healthy people, but when two unhealthy people attempt to do this, the relationship becomes extremely toxic: straining to focus on the good things(usually illusions), while silently agreeing to things that should be total deal breakers.  Eventually, our optimistic determination to stay grateful for the things that benefit us personally, while doing nothing about all the red flags, becomes a selfish and destructive dynamic where we drag each other down.  When love becomes war, it can be extremely difficult to know how to defend ourselves.

Asteroid Persephone square Saturn, quincunx Uranus, and opposite Chiron: We must find the strength to stand up to the attacks we are receiving at the endgame of these toxic relationships.  And the things we must do to defend ourselves can make us feel like we are attacking the ones we once claimed to love, which is excruciating.  This pain reflects our lack of ability to acknowledge the active role we played in the toxic and harmful relationship dynamics that led up to this point.  Integrity means acknowledging that this is not a battle between a good guy and a bad guy.  Integrity means understanding the role you played in the toxicity and taking personal responsibility for breaking out of the victim mentality.  Integrity means being able to see a future where healing is possible, and calling the shots accordingly.


The final exact trine between Saturn and Uranus marks a point of no return.  We may never be able to accept this and let go if we can’t acknowledge that our previous understanding of our lives was informed heavily by dreams and denial, and that these astrological aspects are actually serving us by destroying these self-limiting lies.  The Leo Moon transits the north node before gathering up the energy of Saturn and Uranus, connecting their impact to our sense of self.  The emphasis is specifically on a healthy sense of self that is moving forward on the soul’s journey, giving us what we need to unravel and transcend the karmic holding patterns that keep us exploring these toxic savior-victim-abuser dynamics.

It’s time to admit that we harmed ourselves and the ones we claimed to love with our refusal to acknowledge things that should have been unacceptable, and admit that we allowed ourselves to be harmed because we were afraid that our partners might be hurt if we defended ourselves.  This might be accompanied by hints of shame, as hindsight is 20/20 and now we can’t unsee what we were willingly blind to for longer than we’d care to admit.  Gaze upon the Leo Moon tonight and declare your intentions to let go of this shame, and as we let go, we will rise up to a higher level of integrity.  Only then will we be able to identify the best path forward.



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