Libra New Moon -and- The Root Chakra

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October 17th 2017, two days before the New Moon in Libra, the Moon meets Venus for the seventh time since she became the morning star in Aries, representing the seventh descending gate of Inanna. This corresponds to the root chakra, which is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of safety. We use it to probe our environments for vibrational information about safety and survival, and we use it to create connections with Gaia(also known as grounding) which protects our multidimensional bodies. Our primal instincts rise up through the root chakra, and we lose our connection to these instincts when the root chakra is blocked.  Lack of access to the instincts that arise from Gaia in real-time, is associated with the phenomena of Fear.  As the Moon crosses over Venus for the seventh time since she rose in Aries as the morning star, we state our intentions to face our fears and remove all blockages from the root chakra.

At 4° Libra, this is the only Moon-Venus conjunction of Inanna’s descent that is totally without major aspect, which is reflected in the desire for isolation that comes with fear, the desire to hide for safety.  So many of us seek solitude because social interactions are beyond stressful, and when we spend long periods of time alone, our mental health issues just magically disappear.  As Inanna descends through the final gate before she enters the Underworld, we are dealing with the realization that the things that make relationships so hard for us are the things that we are blind to about ourselves. And whatever we are still blind to is what we fear the most. Between 6:00pm and 8:00pm west coast time on October 17th, ask yourself if you are willing to enter the Underworld and hang with Inanna, willing to face your fears.


Gold Slick Against Red Surface – Lynda Stevens


On October 19th 2017, the New Moon in Libra takes place exact opposite Uranus in Aries, and sextile Lilith in Sagittarius.  Mars and Sedna are also in resonance with the New Moon, forming hard aspects to Lilith.

There is a massive re-balancing happening in our society, leading up to the Libra New Moon, as the worst aspects of toxic masculinity are exposed through current events and the response of total unity among women on social media (#MeToo). The coercion, humiliation, and abuse of women that has invisibly permeated nearly every corner of society is becoming clearly visible in the new reality, and while the downfall of toxic patriarchy won’t happen all at once, this is a powerful moment for the divine feminine.  This is the re-balancing Libra New Moon opposite revolutionary Uranus, sextile Lilith, the patron saint of independent women.

Black Moon Lilith, the mean lunar apogee at 27° Sagittarius, is transiting conjunct the galactic center, and trine Uranus Retrograde at 26° Aries.  The planet of shocks and sudden changes is still pulsing with intensity after the contacts from the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 21st and Mercury Station Direct on September 4th.  Now receiving the connection from Lilith’s presence at the galactic center expands our ability to hold and integrate more and more incoming information, to assist in the unfolding of the changes that have happened since the solar eclipse.  Any new moon is a time to begin; the Libra New Moon’s opposition and sextile are miracle gro for consciousness. With a new moon intention of removing blockages from the root chakra, instinctual information and intuition will start flowing into the body, eliminating the possibility of Fear.


Blue Squares Emerging From Deep Red Matrix 


Lilith in Sagittarius is forming a quincunx to Sedna in Taurus, which is a depiction of the ways that trauma infects relationships.  When someone is shattered by trauma, and remains compartmentalized because they don’t have the tools or resources to know how to approach healing, the presence of a loving partner can be unspeakably uncomfortable.  When someone’s post-trauma sense of safety depends on keeping parts of the self hidden away, it becomes a self-defense mechanism to resist being seen totally by someone else.  This is common in normal relationships.  For unhealthy relationships, Lilith quincunx Sedna represents Trauma Bonding.

These issues feel exceptionally urgent thanks to Mars in Virgo.  Mars and Sedna connect with both sides of Lilith: the powerful and independent priestess of female sexuality; and the broken, ruined, humiliated whore.  Mars in Virgo isn’t particularly aggressive or overconfident, he just wants to fix things.  His trine to Sedna in Taurus places the natural focus on our wound-selves, and creates opportunity to work towards integration, balance, and wholeness.

Fear is paralyzing.  We can all look back at our past experiences and make a list of things that can go wrong, any time we are faced with a new opportunity.  We tell ourselves that it is just like our previous opportunities, and assume that the things that went wrong before will probably happen again.  Remember the ancient proverb “No one ever steps in the same river twice.”  The world is always changing.  Gaia is always changing.  She is always sending us fresh up to date messages that we simply cannot receive when our root chakras are blocked.  Without these messages, we don’t have enough information to make a confident choice, to go in a new direction, to build.  We slide back into Fear.

There are lots of ways to break up density and drain a swampy root chakra, but if you search online you will find a lot of eye rolling new age information out there saying you can heal your root chakra with things like pedicures and foot massages… those things won’t help at all unless you understand the connection between your feet and your root chakra, understand that it isn’t the massage itself but your ability to overcome any aversion to trusting another person enough to allow them to touch you, and facing the challenge of staying present and peaceful in your own body for the duration of the contact.


Heat – Lynda Stevens


Love and Fear are two english words that struggle to define entire categories of experiences. We all have to come up with our own unique way of describing our perception of the subtle differences between various experiences of love, various experiences of fear, which is why it is so difficult for us to develop a healthy collective awareness of these abstract concepts.  Obviously not all fear is something we should be working to overcome.  Gaia can and does send warnings, alarms.  We need those alarms, they are a part of our instincts.  Inanna’s descent through the root chakra gate and the Libra New Moon will give us many opportunities to learn how to discern between the empowering fear of an earth-based alarm rising up through the root chakra, vs. the debilitating fear that results from having nothing rising up through the root chakra at all.


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