Virgo New Moon -and- the Sacral Chakra

September 17th 2017, two days before the new moon in Virgo, the waning crescent Moon joins Venus at sunrise, representing the sixth descending gate of Inanna. This Moon/Venus conjunction corresponds to the sacral chakra, which is our organ for multidimensional perceptions and expressions of intimacy. We use it to probe our environments for vibrational information about relationships, and we use it to create a connection with Gaia that informs our social identity, our sexuality, our ability to trust. As the Moon crosses over Venus for the sixth time since she rose in Aries as the morning star, we state our intentions to clear and remove all blockages from our sacral chakra. 

Forming a sextile to the Moon and Venus in Leo, Jupiter is the main focus of this configuration, holding strong with his expansive energies in Libra, the sign that encompasses the concept of relationships.  As he clears his retrograde shadow, crossing new ground for the first time since February of this year, Jupiter is being met by a conjunction from Eros, the asteroid that embodies our willingness and our capability to give and receive love.  This is totally aligned with the themes of the sacral chakra, and the blockages that prevent us from fully opening it: shame, low self esteem, inability to stand up for oneself, irrational defensiveness, perfectionism, lack of standards or impossibly high standards for our partners, as well as whatever excuses we have for hiding parts of ourselves from the people we are close to, and/or maintaining relationships that make us unhappy.

Together, Jupiter and Eros are building an opposition to Uranus, which stands as the spinal column of a yod based from the long term sextile between Chiron in Pisces and Sedna in Taurus.  This week is a major level-up on the journey we began last August when Jupiter entered Libra.  Jupiter in Libra has been all about conflict resolution, power and control, dealing with issues of how we get our needs met, learning better ways to carry our selves when we are in relation to others.  Chiron sextile Sedna puts us in touch with our own wounds, the unspeakable traumas that were inflicted on us in past relationships, puts us in touch with our ownership of those narratives, which allows us to do the real work of healing, and learning how to build healthy relationships.  The ultimate goal of Uranus in Aries is to shake things up in the name of individuality. The ultimate goal of Jupiter in Libra is identifying problems that stand in the way of unity.  As we cross the bridge between them, our ownership of our own trauma (Chiron, Sedna) will be the factor that gives us access to the level-up.



The Moon and Venus at 27° Leo form a sextile to Jupiter and trine to Uranus, a somewhat precarious aspect pattern that makes it just as easy to slide back into the frankly rude focus on the individual self (Uranus) if we do not make the serious effort to open ourselves to healthy new ways of approaching relationships (Moon/Venus sextile Jupiter). The conjunction of Hekate and Ceres in Cancer form a perfect T-square to Jupiter opposite Uranus- Ceres is the nurturing principle, Hekate is her oracle and guide. Together in the sign of the Mother, they offer us the ability to make sacrifices without feeling taken advantage of, they give us access to a holistic awareness of how sacrifice can be in our best interest, and hopefully inspire us to grab hold of the sextile from Moon/Venus to Jupiter, choosing unity over our individuality. Asteroid Prometheus is conjunct the Moon and Venus at 28° Leo, the exact degree of the solar eclipse, and trine Uranus… this is another complicating factor that will no doubt inspire many to choose individuality over unity, because it is the choice that we have been culturally conditioned to feel is a thrilling and heroic choice.  Unity is often not glamorous or exciting on the surface. The richer rewards that we receive from choosing unity are sometimes very subtle.

Lovers Man and Woman, 1914 - Egon Schiele

Lovers Man and Woman, 1914 – Egon Schiele


On the night of September 19th, around 10:30pm on the west coast, a half-hexagon is created when the new moon becomes complete at 27° Virgo, exact opposite Chiron, trine Sedna, and sextile Hekate/Ceres.  Hekate and Ceres connect the two oppositions: new moon opposite Chiron, and Jupiter opposite Uranus.

The points currently between 25 and 28 degrees in seven of the twelve signs are forming a massive cloud of resonance, so the charts in this article only highlight specific aspects for clarity.  The sextile between Sedna and Chiron forms a yod to Jupiter for the next week as he transits past 26 Libra, but those quincunxes aren’t on the new moon chart. Prometheus remains in his trine to Uranus- not included above either.  This chart for the Virgo New Moon is specifically crafted to depict the intense vulnerability required to participate in real intimacy, and guide our new moon intentions:

-I will allow a greater awareness of my own wounds and the wounds of my life partners.

-I will allow a greater awareness of relationship as a separate entity that exists beyond the individuals that participate in it.

-I will allow the increased level of maturity it requires to allow others to truly see me, thoroughly and completely.

-I accept greater responsibility to honor and respect those who have trusted me with their full selves.


The Virgo New Moon is the natural follow-up to the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse– it is a cosmic pause button for the frontal lobe as these vital upgrades are made, deep in our mammalian brain.  Virgo is a sign of highly organized brainpower, and a humbled self in service to others.  On the surface it may seem paradoxical to blend sophisticated intellect with mundane tasks- the gem of this truth was a major revelation of this recent Mercury Retrograde conjunct Vesta in Virgo. Now, during the Virgo New Moon, Venus enters Virgo, and Vesta enters Libra- to me, this is mutual reception (where two planets are energetically boosted by being in each other’s signs) and they are creating an energetic arena for immense benefits to blossom if we chose to sacrifice wisely and make changes to ourselves that allow us to participate in deeper, stronger, healthier relationships.


On September 13th, Teen Vogue published an open letter by actress Amber Tamblyn confronting the much older actor James Woods, and in it she perfectly names the dark edges of the transformation happening in the collective during the Virgo New Moon, opposite Chiron, with Chiron sextile Sedna in a yod to Jupiter and Eros, opposite Uranus:

“What you are experiencing is called a teachable moment. It is called a gift. It is called a humbling. It is called Jesus, I come to thee. It is called an awakening. It is called a growth edge. It is called hope.

The hope being that through this experience, you can change…

 …I ask you to go inward now and ask yourself the hard stuff. The ominous unconscious stuff. The archetypal masculinity stuff. The power-play stuff. The perversion persuasion stuff. The secretive stuff. The id’s most cherished stuff.

Only you and your darkness know who you are. Only you and your actions know what you’ve done. That means you and only you have the power to change your behavior.”


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