Largest Solar Flare of Solar Cycle 24? Don’t Believe The Official Story

I’m just going to come out and say it. I have serious doubts about the so-called X9.3 solar flare that occurred on September 6th.  The official story is that the Sun released an X2.2 solar flare followed immediately by an X9.3 solar flare, the largest flare of solar cycle 24. There are good reasons to believe that the first X2.2 flare was really a large M-flare, and I have several possible ideas about what actually happened next, but I do not believe the Sun made an X9 or X10 solar flare on September 6th.

Solar Flare Classification: Wikipedia

NASA: What Does It Take To Be X-Class?

The data images in this article are just a few of the many, many graphs tracking the various factors of space weather from our dozens of satellites in orbit, a good place to find the most relevant data all in one place is

This graph shows three days of the Sun’s x-ray output, including the two major flares from sunspot 2673 on September 6th.  The inset shows that there was a huge discrepancy between GOES-13 and GOES-15 for the first flare. GOES-13 measured an X2.2, while GOES-15 only recorded a large M-flare. This was shortly followed by the largest solar flare of solar cycle 24…. largest BY FAR… supposedly.


This next graph, which shows 48 hours of solar x-ray output with September 6th on the right, clearly indicates that the first flare reported as X2.2 did not reach the X-class threshold.


The inset of the first chart also shows that there was a difference between GOES-13 and GOES-15 for the second flare- GOES-13 recorded the flare as an X10 or higher, while GOES-15 recorded the measurement of X9.3, the official number released by NASA.  The fact that they chose the GOES-15 measurement of X9.3 for the second flare, and the GOES-13 measurement of X2.2 for the first, does not make any sense.  These types of inconsistencies and discrepancies are completely unprecedented in my observation of solar activity and it is extremely suspicious.

I know what all the usual data glitches look like, I don’t have any reason to believe that this is a glitch.  It’s easy to tell when the instruments are being recalibrated, and that is not what is happening right now.  These are not normal problems for space weather data to be displaying.

I’ve been interested and learning about space weather as a hobby for four years, I am in no way an expert and not claiming to know for sure what is happening.  But based on the knowledge I’ve acquired in four years of spending almost every day studying space weather, observing and learning to interpret the data (and also based on what I have felt over the past few days) it seems pretty impossible to ignore that something about the official story isn’t right.

Here is a table of the largest solar flares of solar cycle 24 previous to this week:

The largest solar flare of solar cycle 24 was an X6.9 in August of 2011, right as the Sun was really leaning into solar maximum (as seen on the next chart, solar maximum is defined by the peak in the number of sunspots).  The next largest flares after that?  One X5, one X4, and three X3’s- all the rest are X2’s and X1s- all occurring during the solar maximum years of 2011-2014, except for two in 2015.  There have been no X-flares since May of 2015, and the sunspot count has dropped significantly, indicating that it is now solar minimum… and it does not make sense that we would have a solar flare reaching for the X10 threshold during this part of the solar cycle.


Not only does it not make logical sense, but it also does not make empathic sense.  I know what I felt during previous large solar flares, and I did not feel that way during the solar flares of September 6th.  And word on the street is that neither did a lot of other highly sensitive people.

The summer of 2013 was a very good time to start paying attention to space weather. It did not take me long at all to connect my empathic awareness to solar activity once I learned where and how to track it.  I know what I felt during the X-flares of 2013-2015, and if you spend a lot of time scrolling through the photos in the folder called “The Sun” on my facebook page Planetary Clarity, you’ll find records of my “predicting” them right before they happen, from being able to identify the feelings in my body as the solar flares begin on the Sun, before our instruments in orbit pick them up.  And there are many, many others who can do this too.  And untold thousands more who feel it but don’t know what they are feeling and attribute it to something else.  Here’s an analogy: There is a whole subculture of people who have an incredibly sensitive palate for wine, and have established a vocabulary for describing the variety of different flavors they can detect, far beyond what most people can perceive when they drink wine. Like any other sensory experience where a small but notable percentage of people have extreme sensitivity, I am part of a group of people who are sensitive to space weather.

As a somatic empath, I have a deeply felt relationship with the many different levels of physical realms, developed in childhood with no instruction or guidance of any kind.  I spent 20 years struggling with depression because I didn’t understand that I was in psychic communion with whatever natural environment I happened to be surrounded by.  My general lifelong interest in outer space eventually led to an interest in heliophysics and solar flares, and the effect they have on Earth.  I feel weather, changes in weather, changes in moisture, pressure, and light, and I feel solar flares and geomagnetic storms.

On the night of September 5th/morning of September 6th, naturally a little wired from sunspot 2673’s string of M-flares, I finally laid down in my bed around 2:00am, exactly during the so-called X2.2… that behavior is exactly what I would expect from myself during a large M-flare.  If a true X2.2 was on the way, I would not have been able to even try to go to sleep.

The next morning, I had no sensations in my body that caused me to think that an X9 solar flare had happened.  X-flares have happened while I slept before, and every time I woke up excited, with a stomach full of butterflies, like a kid on christmas morning on steroids.  Based on the sensations in my body upon waking on the morning of September 6th, I assumed that there had been more large M-flares.  I didn’t even check the data on right away.  I found out about it later when I checked Facebook.  And it had fake news written all over it.

So what really happened?


Sunspot 2673 began developing aggressively and started releasing M-flares on September 4th.  I don’t have any reason to suspect that there was something artificial about this sunspot’s development, despite the fact that it is somewhat out of the ordinary for a sunspot to appear and become so messy, so fast, while solar activity peters out into solar minimum.  But the fact is that many of the X-flares of solar cycle 24 occurred in undeniable synchronicity with eclipses, and in light of the energies released by the recent solar eclipse I do not find anything strange about our sleepy Sun kicking up a rowdy sunspot at this particular time.  (Solar minimum doesn’t mean X-flares can’t happen, it just means that they are much, much less likely.)

The first M-flares from sunspot 2673 started some extremely unusual proton activity: you can see the red line rise, and behave in a way that seems random, and yet not random at all… the bump in the green and blue measurements occurred simultaneously as the so-called X9 solar flare.  There is no corresponding bump in the red. Throughout the day of September 6th, the low-energy protons represented by the red line were elevated and yet suppressed… you can see at midnight UTC September 7th, the behavior of the low energy protons suddenly becomes correlated to the behavior of the higher-energy protons represented by the blue and green lines. Exactly at midnight UTC.


I have never done any real research into HAARP beyond the basics of how it can supposedly heat up the ionosphere.  And to be honest I have not looked into it because 99% of the things I’ve ever seen about HAARP on facebook rivals flat earth memes for their hilarious and lame “alternative facts.” But in four years of observing our space weather data on a near daily basis, the unavoidable conclusion is that on September 6th and 7th, there were artificial forces affecting the ionosphere.

While researching this article I came across this quote from Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers, regarding all of the ridiculous HAARP stuff online:

“Oddly, it appears that the majority of the nonsense information obfuscating the real attempts to expose/stop weather modification comes from… the people doing it! It is the only way to make this topic appear crazy…. just feed the crazy to the people and let them spit it back out on the internet. Chemtrails are real, and so is weather modification (that’s why rain dances worked) but almost nothing you find online is ‘valuable information’… “

I believe that what happened during the week of September 6th may have been an experiment to artificially increase the power of Earth’s magnetic field by government and military scientists attempting to prepare for the upcoming extended period of solar minimum known as Maunder Minimum.

Video: The Sun Is Going To Sleep

New Study Shows How Rapidly Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Changing

Intensifying Cosmic Rays, Grand Solar Minimum and Earth’s Climate

Let’s take a look at what happened to the magnetosphere during the so-called X-flares, and during the impact of the CME’s.  These charts show the same three-day time period as the x-ray flux chart and proton flux chart shown above- centered around September 6th, the flares occurred almost exactly in the middle.

This is the GOES magnetometer, showing the strength of the magnetic field from two different satellites in geostationary orbit. GOES-13(red) is approximately over the east coast of the united states, and GOES-15(blue) is approximately over the west coast. Normally, the red and blue lines go up and down about once per day in a loosely overlapping wavy line, tracing the curves of our planet’s shield. During periods of heightened space weather, the wavy line appears choppy.  After the flares of September 6th, GOES-13 appeared to behave as expected while GOES-15 reported that the strength of the magnetic shield went up completely off the charts.  This happened at approximately 1pm on the west coast, when the GOES-15 was directly facing the Sun. The blue flutters at the top of the chart on September 7th prove that it was not a glitch, and that the GOES-15 spacecraft really was detecting an extreme increase in the strength of the geomagnetic field.

A little over 24 hours after the experiment began, the CME’s from all of sunspot 2673’s solar flares arrived simultaneously in one mega-wave, seen on the very far right of the magnetometer and Kp index below.




The Kp index shows the global average of geomagnetic flux at ground-level monitoring stations around the world. A Kp of 5 is considered a storm.  The 3 hours indicated by the red bar show a Kp of 8 when the CME’s hit, which indicates an incredibly powerful impact.  The strength of a CME impact is not always correlated with the strength of the flare that released it.  The CME’s from these flares were earth-directed and really impressively fierce, but when all the data surrounding this geomagnetic storm is taken into consideration, it does not reflect what I would expect to see under these conditions.  It reflects what I would expect to see if some government or military was experimentally tampering with the ionosphere under these conditions.

It is well known that the Air Force began orbiting totally classified unmanned space planes in 2010- at the exact same time that NASA launched the SOlar Dynamics Observatory- and SpaceX just launched a new “national security mission” on September 7th. This secret mission launched about two hours after the so-called X9 solar flare, and a few hours after the launch we saw the strength of the magnetic field go up off the charts.  We can only speculate about what kind of technologies they are taking into orbit on those planes.  They love to make us think that NASA is underfunded but what can you imagine that the United States military is doing with 600 billion dollars per year? Not to mention what the governments of some other countries might be capable of.

Here is the Kp index showing the complete global geomagnetic storm of September 7th and 8th:


The global Kp reached 8 during two different storms in 2015, and there have been several storms in the past few years that have reached Kp 7 with extended periods of  Kp 6.  During all of those storms, I experienced lightheadedness, dizziness, “ears ringing” or hearing tones, and a very specific type of headache and deep-tissue tension in my neck and shoulders- it’s difficult to find words that accurately describe being permeated with interdimensional awareness of a geomagnetic storm and the symptoms that arise from it.  During this particular storm on September 7th and 8th, the one and only symptom I experienced was the deep-tissue tension.  I did not once experience the typical lightheadedness or hear the tones I would expect to hear during a severe geomagnetic storm, and I had no headache whatsoever, despite the fact that my shoulders and neck were utterly stiffened by tension.  My experience of previous severe geomagnetic storms to this one felt natural and magical, even if a little harsh.  My experience of this storm was similar but plainly different, with surface level symptoms that did not in any way resemble the interdimensional experiences that occur with natural geomagnetic storms.

My personal experience, combined with what I have observed, supports the hypothesis that the ionosphere was tampered with, and that there are good reasons to be doubtful of all space weather data regarding these particular solar flares.

The solar flares of September 6th were reported as X2.2 and X9.3, but I believe there are a few possibilities that are far more likely: they may have both been large M-flares, but the explanation I find the most plausible is that the first was a large M-flare and the second was in fact an X1 solar flare.  Despite the fact that my empathic awareness failed to detect X-flare activity at that time, that is not enough evidence for me to say for certain that it was not an X-flare, especially if there are classified technologies impacting the factors that trigger my awareness in ways I can only speculate about. Based on the appearance of the solar flare on the images from Solar Dynamics Observatory, and SOHO‘s images of the coronal mass ejections, there is a good possibility that sunspot 2673’s second major flare was actually an X1 solar flare, the first since May of 2015.

The next day, September 7th, sunspot 2673 released an X1.3 solar flare, which I was aware of as it was happening, and although my physical symptoms were barely noticeable, I did have a powerful interdimensional emotional experience typical for an X-flare, and I can still feel the power of sunspot 2673 radiating through me on the evening of September 9th as it rotates away from the earth facing side of the Sun).


I have witnessed the way our Sun behaves and it is not a coincidence when X-flares happen in synchronicity with solar eclipses.  But there is just no way that there was an X9 or X10 solar flare on September 6th.  And the storm that resulted from the CME impact was suspiciously different in many ways from severe geomagnetic storms of the past, in ways that make it difficult to ignore the very real possibility of man-made technological interference in the ionosphere.

Part of my mission in life is to observe our outer space environment to the best of my ability, and I have a great deal of admiration and respect for the scientists at NASA and the webmasters who make space weather data and satellite imagery accessible on the internet.  But not since Comet ISON has there been such an extreme divergence between the official story released by NASA, and what I have observed for myself.


After I finished this article on the evening of Saturday the 9th, sunspot 2673 released what is indisputably the largest solar flare of solar cycle 24 on the morning of the 10th, measured as an X8.2 even though the sunspot was no longer facing Earth.

GOES-15 went off for a few hours just before the flare, and GOES-13 has been going on and off since the last flare, switching off immediately as this X-flare began.  Odd, but unlike September 6th, there is no question that this was The Big One.


All day Sunday I experienced STRONG solar flare symptoms, including cranial pressure, “seeing spots” and sparkles, chills, tingling, twitching, increased thirst and decreased appetite while craving sweets, and many more.  That evening we had plans to go out for a family dinner and I had extreme difficulty maintaining eye contact or paying attention to what was going on around me for more than 30 seconds at a time, typical of my experience of being pulled out of whatever dimension I am in.  Thankfully it was a lively evening with rambunctious children running around and lots of wine.  Then on Monday morning, my daughter was two hours late to school because I thought it was Sunday.  This is exactly what I would expect during the strongest solar flare of solar cycle 24.

As I mentioned, sunspot 2673’s first M-flares released a stream of protons that behaved in very suspicious and un-natural ways that were not consistent with the flare reported as X9.3.   If that sunspot really blew its payload on September 6th, then those proton flux readings do not make sense.  There is no explanation for why we did not see any major proton bombardment on September 6th.  The proton flux following the X8 flare of September 10th is exactly what you would expect to see from a messy, proton-spewing sunspot erupting with power beyond anything we have seen in a decade.



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