Mercury Station Direct -and- Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Neptune

On the evening of September 4th, the Aquarius Moon drops below the south node, forming a sextile to Uranus at 28° Aries.  Around 8:00pm on the west coast, the Moon transits opposite a motionless Mercury stationing direct at 28° Leo (the degree of the solar eclipse) and opposite Mars at 29° Leo. The Moon enters Pisces opposite asteroid Persephone at Zero Virgo, and becomes full as it builds towards conjunction with Neptune, since Earth is aligned between Neptune and the Virgo Sun.  Asteroids Apophis and Vesta in Virgo form squares to the conjunction of Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius.

Sometimes we resist change, we hold on to the past, we hold on to obsolete ideas about the world and about ourselves.  At times like this, those things we hold onto are torn from us.  It may feel catastrophic but by now it is impossible to not be aware of how this type of thing pushes us forward on our journeys.  A different future than the one we imagined is already approaching as the familiar becomes a memory.  It should be obvious that it is too late to “let go.” It’s gone.



The sustained astrological activity in the final degrees of Leo has every level of energy boiling over.  There are peaks in righteous anger and holy irritation, and there are also peaks in passion and creativity.  These are the contractions that precede birth.  We all know change is happening.  It seems like most of the world is either underwater or on fire right now…  when we are surrounded by fire, we seek water… when we are surrounded by water we seek higher ground…


“We can’t heal what we don’t feel. And despite our rhetoric, we only change when it’s unbearable to stay as we are.”

Image and quote from A Trust for the Earth

Mercury officially returns to direct motion at 4:30am on September 5th, shortly after Mars joins Persephone on the first degree of Virgo. Our Mercury retrograde meditation revolved around the concept of creating rituals, and the idea that our responsibilities can sustain us instead of drain us when we sculpt our approach to action to express our personal spiritual truths.  Mercury station direct with Mars ingress Virgo brings the meditation into alignment with reality.  This is an opportunity for a life changing shift in attitude. (I define attitude as one’s orientation to spacetime.)

It’s common to base one’s sense of security in life on the idea that we are prepared for whatever might come our way, and project anxiety onto situations we imagine that we are not ready for- but we have learned that it is often precisely what we are not ready for, that truly reaches us, opens us up, and matures us.  So it is not preparation, but a shift in attitude, that is necessary to keep us moving forward confidently into the unknown future.

I cringe when I see celebrations of Mercury retrograde being “over” on the day it stations direct.  Especially since this station direct keeps Mercury parked on the degree of the August 21st solar eclipse,  forming a trine to Uranus in Aries.  The process of Mercury station direct will last at least through September 9th, when the Moon transits conjunct Uranus, forming a trine to Mercury as it re-enters Virgo.

When Mercury is motionless, the veil is thin; with the added influence of Uranus and the Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune, we have a shocking view of all that which is real, and that which is not real; that which is no longer real, and that which never was.

The Full Moon rises on the night of September 5th, perfecting its opposition to the Sun in Virgo just after midnight on the west coast, emphasizing the appearance of the illusion that is being broken all around us.  Venus in Leo and Athena in Taurus are the lights that guide us through the fog, reminding us that this process does not need to hurt beyond being bittersweet.



Asteroid Athena is stationing retrograde at 14° Taurus, sustaining a sextile to Neptune from August to October, guiding us through this period of transition and confusion with the powerful reminder that slow and steady is a winning strategy.  Even when we feel dazed and lost, we can still have access to choices that are not hasty, abrupt, or poorly-thought-out.

Venus is at 13° Leo, forming a square to Athena and a quincunx to the Full Moon.  This is Venus’s first transit through Leo since completing her Leo cycle, so through her we are juggling interdimensional memories of personal sovereignty, individual spiritual autonomy based in unity consciousness.  When the new agers capitalize I AM it’s an acknowledgement of spiritual sovereignty, which I see embodied by Venus in Leo.

Athena mediates the quincunx between the unique power and individuality of Venus, and the revealing/obfuscating, boundary-dissolving Full Moon conjunct Neptune, and she nourishes the Sun at 13° Virgo with a supportive trine.  13° Virgo is the degree where Mercury stationed retrograde conjunct Vesta, trussing this full moon and Athena to the greater ongoing interrelated energies of Mercury retrograde and the solar eclipse.

As we move through and beyond the chaos of upheaval, we are transforming life into a ritual, transforming our concept of timekeeping and time. We are transforming our orientation to spacetime as smothering forces erase what we once knew.  We are watching hillsides burn, cities covered in water.  Some of us are fleeing our homes.  Many others are finally creating their masterpiece under these energies after many years of paying dues.  No matter where we are on our individual journey through life, from here, we all go forward to create a new world together.


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