Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus -and- The Throat Chakra

June 20th 2017: The Moon transits conjunct Venus for the 3rd time since Venus has risen as the morning star, representing the third gate of Inanna’s descent into the Underworld, corresponding to the throat chakra. At 14 Taurus, Moon and Venus form an exact sextile to Neptune 14 Pisces, which points to Jupiter direct 13 Libra in a triangular configuration known as a yod. Two asteroids, Juno and Apophis, are in a perfect opposition along the Capricorn/Cancer axis, forming an exact T-square to Jupiter and turning the yod into a pentagram, giving us a powerfully complete view of our current situation. 


When the Moon crosses over Venus, the Sun is still on the final degree of Gemini with Mercury, holding the bassnote energy steady at the midpoint of the north node/Uranus trine. We’re in the immediate aftermath of the biggest shift of 2017(Sun opposite Saturn/Northnode trine Uranus). Now, Sun and Mercury sextile the north node, sextile Uranus, and also square to Chiron at 28 Pisces- the stage is set for a new life changing approach to healing and moving on. This is the crossroads. By tomorrow, the Sun and Mercury will join crossroads oracle goddess Hekate at Zero Cancer.


One of the things that most commonly stands in the way of having an open throat chakra is an unsupportive environment. If the people in our lives are not receptive and do not hold safe space for us to express ourselves and be known, then closing the throat chakra is an act of self-protection. It is almost impossible for anyone to learn how to create this safe space for themselves if they have never been in an environment where their self-expression was welcome. Voices are interactive tools- relationships are required to maximize the potential of any individual voice.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune is about the process of reinventing ourselves, and learning from mistakes as we get reactions and consequences that we find totally undesirable. The dreams that arise from our subconscious about who we believe we can be, need sculpting and refinement in order to create and maintain healthy and supportive social connections. More healthy and supportive social connections are needed in order to help us sculpt and refine our self-expression into its highest-vibrational, most authentic form. When Jupiter stationed direct, Vesta in Leo sextile Jupiter formed a yod to Neptune, connecting our identities to the visions and dreams at the root of how we see ourselves and who we wish to be. Now, Moon conjunct Venus flips the point of the yod to Jupiter in Libra- a configuration for coming together and finding that safe space where we can support each other in expressing ourselves.

Apophis and Juno inform this process with their intense polarity in resonance with the yod, forming the pentagram. A pentagram is a metaphysical safe space, commonly used in spellcraft mandalas and worn as protective jewelry. Safe space in the sky, safe space in our lives: as above, so below. Apophis in Cancer is square Jupiter, trine Neptune, and sextile the Moon/Venus conjunction. He is a malevolent trickster, but this pentagram has him cornered. His shit-stirring and destruction is being strictly directed through narrow channels that increase the likelihood of making major breakthroughs and positive change for those who are doing the work. Juno rules boundaries and is in active construction mode in Capricorn, opposing Apophis thematically as well as mathematically. Apophis is undoing, Juno builds. Juno’s square to Jupiter, sextile to Neptune and trine to the Moon/Venus conjunction is incredibly positive for any efforts towards creating a new kind of space, where we can safely explore the blockages in our voices, our throat chakras.

As I said on my personal page last night: now is the time to start talking it out with the person or people who share your intimate space. This can be the person you are in a relationship with, your parents/siblings, your housemates, or anyone else that you depend on and trust to interact with you in respectful, caring, mututally benefical ways. Talk. It. Out. Talk about the dreams you have for the future and the dreams you’ve given up. Don’t talk about bills and chores, talk about ideas, talk about seeds becoming trees. Talk about options. Talk about pros and cons. Speculate- together. Analyze- together. Talk it out tonight. Acknowledge and honor the new spaces you are creating. Tomorrow, we meet Hekate at the crossroads, where we can offer her our breakthroughs in exchange for her guidance as we develop our new moon intentions. The intentions we set at this new moon will carry us through the rest of the year- the Cancer lunar cycle that begins with this week’s new moon in Cancer, ends with the Cancer Full Moon on New Years Day 2018.


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