Jupiter Station Direct -and- Sagittarius Full Moon

On June 9th, Jupiter’s retrograde officially ends during the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  The Sagittarius lunar cycle has been connected to its ruling planet, with last November’s Sagittarius New Moon taking place during Jupiter’s first square to Pluto- one of the trickiest most treacherous new moons in recent memory.  Not all moons are perfect for making new starts- click here for a look back at the Sagittarius New Moon, it will provide context to help explain why the seeds that were planted during that time six months ago, have now mostly blossomed into a raging fever pitch.  For those who are still unconscious of their inner journey and how it impacts the collective, that new moon was a hot mess of bad decisions as people projected their worst beliefs about the world onto everything they came into contact with.  For those of us who stayed focused on the internal work of deconstructing our learned self-limiting behaviors, learning to tread with greater carefulness and concern in our communications with loved ones, and increasing awareness of the power of our voices to create the vibrations we want in our environment, we have seen epic evolution and improvement in those areas. But increased carefulness and attention creates a new experience of reality where we are more sensitive to pressure, and more aware of how pressure is helping or hurting us.

Let’s start with the chart for Jupiter Station Direct: a stunning perfect sextile to Vesta in Leo, forming a yod to Neptune in Pisces.  Vesta in Cancer formed an exact square to Jupiter as he stationed retrograde in February, and is now exact sextile as he stations direct.  Since Jupiter is motionless stationing direct and Neptune is motionless stationing retrograde, their quincunx lasts for three entire months.


Jupiter quincunx Neptune is about the process of reinventing ourselves, and learning from mistakes as we get reactions and consequences that we find totally undesirable. The dreams that arise from our subconscious about who we believe we can be, need sculpting and refinement in order to create and maintain healthy and supportive social connections. Most people can’t do whatever they want, whenever they want, without causing disappointment, inconvenience, or actual pain to the people who are closest to them. This is an incredibly difficult balance to find, between freely expressing the truth of who you are, vs. your responsibility to be considerate and loving to friends and family. As Jupiter stations direct sextile Vesta, these corrections will be made, and the balance will be achieved.  It will become clear that as we adjust our visions of ourselves as individuals, to be more inclusive and supportive of those we share space with, the stronger social and emotional connections that result from these adjustments will give new height, depth, and breadth to our original vision, beyond what we ever could have conceived alone.

I need to clarify that while I have been talking about this process from an individual point of view, what I am fundamentally describing is a synergy- when two or more people are equally invested in adjusting their own personal visions, to make and hold space for each other, as as they support and defend each other’s evolving self-expression, that is where we see the fireworks of new collective visions and new possibilities of who we can be together.


enhanced screenshot from Jupiter: Juno Perijove 06 (video posted below)


Slightly less than one hour before Jupiter stations direct, the Moon in Sagittarius reaches peak fullness at 18°, while the Sun at 18° Gemini forms a perfect quincunx to Pluto at 18° Capricorn.  Ceres, who in many ways is Pluto’s partner, joins the Sun in the quincunx to Pluto. (This chart is not cast for the moment of the full moon, it is the same chart as above of the moment Jupiter stations retrograde)


I have Ceres square Pluto natally and this aspect gives great insight into the action that happens in the psychic synapse between the two dwarf worlds: cycles of vegetation and stripping-away, creation and destruction… clearly I have no fear of being intimate with trauma, my life’s work revolves around understanding the full interdimensional extent of how trauma shapes a human being.  Sun conjunct Ceres in Gemini, quincunx Pluto in Capricorn reminds me of how plants sometimes grow sturdier and more robust when they are under some type of duress.  The task of this full moon/quincunx is to recognize and honor the types of pressure that strengthen us(and of course the flip side of that coin is to recognize and release the types of pressure that do not strengthen us).  As the Sagittarius Moon reaches peak fullness opposite the Sun and Ceres, we have our calm eye in the storm where we can find our center.

“Finding your center” is of course a metaphor.  Humans aren’t like circles where the center is always in the same place, always right in the middle.  This is a Sagittarius Full Moon after all, which reminds us that if we are truly on a path of personal growth, healing, and evolution, then finding your center is an ongoing adventure of exploring an ever-expanding frontier.



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