Part 3 – Sun opposite Jupiter and Libra Full Moon

This article continues the series that began with Venus Retrograde 2017 – Inner Child – Part 1 and Venus Retrograde in Aries – Wild Child – Part 2.   In part 2, I examined the development of the aspect triangle between Jupiter retrograde in Libra, Pluto/Juno in Capricorn, and Mars/Ceres in Taurus- which formed during Sun conjunct Venus retrograde, and lasts until Venus stations direct.  Reference part 1 for Venus station retrograde; reference part 2 for interpretations of Sun conjunct Venus retrograde, Jupiter retrograde square Pluto, Saturn square Chiron, and more.

Two days after Saturn stations retrograde in Sagittarius, on April 7th, the Sun in Aries exacts opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Libra.  In other words, the Earth is aligned between Jupiter and the Sun, making it the time of year when Jupiter is closest to Earth.  As the Sun sets in the west, Jupiter rises in the east, and is visible all night long everywhere on Earth.  Solar opposition marks the midpoint of Jupiter’s retrograde, which began February 5th and stations direct June 9th, and is the culmination of the Sun-Jupiter cycle that began with their previous conjunction on September 26th, 2016.


Jupiter’s square to Pluto is separating, and will form again in August after Jupiter stations direct. We first witnessed the power struggles of Jupiter square Pluto last November, in our relationships as well as collectively, and we are now witnessing consequences and the escalation of those themes. Jupiter squares Pluto for a third and final time next August, when we will see a climax or resolution to the conflicts that have been building on every level since Jupiter entered Libra last fall.
As Venus in Pisces slows down to prepare for her direct station, she joins Chiron in his square to Saturn in Sagittarius, who has just stationed retrograde. This gives us a very clear view of where our integrity is lacking. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Taurus, and asteroid Psyche stationing direct at the end of her retrograde through Virgo, we should all be able to make a list of five things that we have the power to change in our lives so we can be our best selves.  These are the things that should have most of our attention right now.  If you want to heal, fix, improve, and/or save the world next week… then heal, fix, improve, and save yourself.
During Sun opposite Jupiter, Mars is still approaching Ceres in Taurus as they both separate from their trine to Pluto and quincunx to Jupiter.  Two days later, on Sunday afternoon, Mercury stations retrograde at 4 Taurus.  By late Monday night, Mars finally overcomes Ceres, and the Moon in Libra reaches peak fullness at the exact degree that ties the whole thing back together.  This epic event is manifesting as two major events in my life: one involving my family of orgin, and one for the family I created.


The intensity of this Full Moon is overwhelming.  It is the culmination of the lunar cycle that began with last year’s incredibly heavy Libra New Moon… and Jupiter in Libra is now at a major checkpoint of his cycle, while being ruled by Venus who is stationing direct, in a square aspect to Saturn, who is stationing retrograde in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter!!  Our experiences that are expressed through the cycles of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are amalgamating into a single epic stream of experience.  As these stories merge, old timelines collapse. No matter how difficult or how liberating this may be, there is great personal power to be claimed in acknowledging our passage through this moment, (as opposed to being pushed forward onto a timeline that we didn’t purposefully choose). This is manifesting for me on April 9th as the memorial service for my paternal grandmother.  This has also been an epic week for my daughter, who turns 7 on April 10th.

All around the zodiac, male and female polarities are meeting in stimulating conjunctions: Venus and Chiron in Pisces; Pluto and Juno in Capricorn; Uranus and Eris in Aries; Ceres and Mars in Taurus; Hekate and Eros in Gemini; Persephone and Prometheus in Cancer.  If any of these are conjunct or opposite any major point on your natal chart during this profoundly epic Saturn station retrograde- Venus station direct- Sun opposite Jupiter- Libra Full Moon, then the polarity of energies represented by that conjunction are your archetypes to meditate on. Integrate their stories, energies, themes, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and acquire their powers for manifesting the highest expression of your divinely inspired life.   This is what gods are for.

Mars finally completes his conjunction to Ceres, and at 22° Taurus they form a quincunx to the Libra full moon.   As I said in my previous article, “The pace of Ceres is the pace of mother nature, allowing things to incrementally unfold. The pace of Mars is about making things happen, now.”  The synthesis of these energies in Taurus, in a breaking trine to Pluto, assists in the process of ascension.  Sometimes the new timeline arises organically when we step out of the old timelines that wither away when we cease to nurture their continuation (Ceres trine Pluto) Other timelines we try to leave behind, but find ourselves in again and again until we take action to break the negative pattern with something new (Mars trine Pluto).  I could spend a lot of time putting this into further context going back to the previous Mars-Ceres conjunction (they simultaneously went retrograde and stationed direct together in Libra) but I think that would be getting off topic… but wow do I bow to the stars. The cycles of our solar system are constantly showing us that we are not alone, we are all a part of the same series of cycles, building towards an ever-evolving consciousness.

By the end of next week, Mars and Ceres are flanking Sedna at 25° Taurus, while the Sun at 25° Aries conjuncts Uranus and Eris, and squares Vesta in Cancer.  And asteroid Isis, who has been pivotal at every step of Venus retrograde, sits at 25° Pisces, conjunct Chiron and Venus at the moment that Venus stations direct on April 15th.  Click here for Part 4, the conclusion of this series featuring Venus station direct.



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