Capricorn New Moon -and- Third Eye Open

The transition from gregorian year 2016 to 2017 is marked by the Capricorn New Moon and the 6th ascending Moon-Venus conjunction of the Leo cycle of Venus, which corresponds to the opening and awakening of the Third Eye chakra.  This time is heavily influenced by the alignment of four outer planets- Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces, all in resonance with each other at 21 degrees.  On every level- individually, within intimate relationships, throughout communities, socially, culturally, and globally- humanity is at an epic crossroads.  Human consciousness is experiencing this in every conceivable way- there is the sense of being at a dead end, and there is a new awareness of infinite possibilities and abundance, which can cause exhilaration, anxiety, or an existentially nauseating combination of both; there is despair as the 3D world crumbles causing us to realize the meaningless of so much of what we have invested in, and there is hope as the glimmers of a new 5D way forward are sparkling and illuminating unexplored paths; there is guilt, and all the masks we use to disguise it, as we go deeper into our healing journey and find our own shadow at the root of a lot of our trauma; there is an increased sense of intimacy and belonging as we connect our individual healing to the healing journey of our partners, our communities, and our world. Asteroid Juno conjunct Saturn at 19 Sagittarius connects asteroids Psyche(the soul’s self-realization) in Virgo(getting your shit together) and Hekate(the Oracle) in Taurus(establishing, building, and growing in the material realm).  This chart is for new year’s day 2017, however these aspects are active for weeks.  Keep in mind that these aspects are all active during the Capricorn New Moon and Moon-Venus conjunction, even though they are not necessarily included on those charts.



With all of this already going on, the aspects I’m going to focus on for the Capricorn New Moon are two t-squares that accurately capture the energy of the moment.  Saturn in Sagittarius is t-square to Psyche opposite Chiron, and Venus transiting Aquarius is t-square to Sedna opposite Black Moon Lilith.  The New Moon is conjunct retrograde Mercury.  Sun Moon and Mercury form a sextile to Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

(The charts from Astrodienst round up the degrees a they appear on the zodiac, which is why it shows the Sun at 7 degrees and the Moon at 8 degrees- the inset shows that the Capricorn New Moon is exact at 7.59 degrees of Capricorn.)


Asteroid Psyche in Virgo is stationing retrograde one and a half degrees away from opposition to Chiron in Pisces, who is locked into a square with Saturn for the entire first half of 2017.  The square between Saturn and Chiron is forcing us all to take that long hard look in the mirror and identify where we are deficient in our integrity.  Psyche’s activation of this square gives us deep insight into the areas where we know better, but do not do better.  We have learned so much since Saturn entered Sagittarius, and it is time to put that new knowledge to work.

TransNeptunian planetoid Sedna in Taurus is opposite Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio- Lilith is not an asteroid, it is the mean lunar apogee, the point in the Moon’s orbit that is farthest from Earth.  This means Sedna is now aligned with the mean lunar perigee- in other words, when Sedna is opposite Lilith, the Moon will be at its closest point to Earth when it transits conjunct Sedna.

Sedna represents themes of betrayal, physical trauma from assault, and the psychological fallout of bearing the permanent scars of abuse.  Sedna is a type of underworld goddess, she resides at the bottom of the ocean and rules over the sea creatures, according to myth she created them from the pieces of her mutilated hands.  She easily carries the darkest parts of who we are.

Lilith is too commonly ascribed a purely sexual definition, which speaks to the depth of trauma to sex and sexuality that we have been working through as individuals and as a collective.  When the story of Lilith is told, there is a focus on her sexuality as the reason she was deemed unacceptable as the wife of Adam.  But there is a deeper issue at the root of Lilith, the theme of divinity being shattered and split, and the work that must be done to re-unify the broken parts.  The tale of Lilith being banned from the Garden of Eden speaks to the reality of patriarchy breaking, shaming, and banishing the wholeness of the divine feminine, only allowing small pieces of the goddess to express in service to the dominant male- virgin mothers, slutty whores.  Lilith is only about sex on the surface.  Beyond the obvious, Lilith shows us the way to wholeness by embracing the expressions of the feminine that we have been taught to associate with shame.

As these two heavyweight female divinities bridge the gauntlet of creation that stretches from Taurus to Scorpio, Venus transits t-square to this opposition during the Capricorn New Moon.  Venus is of course Aphrodite, sensuality, beauty, grace, and enjoyment of life’s pleasures, in direct confrontation with the darkest goddesses in the solar system. Venus is challenging us to touch, to feel, to dig into our shadows that we find when we face our deepest trauma.  She carries the lessons of this challenge into the new year… more on that in just a minute.

These t-squares frame the stage for the Capricorn New Moon, conjunct Mercury retrograde, and sextile Mars/Neptune in Pisces… for many, this is a recipe for confusion, fake optimism based on misinformation, and a lack of understanding of consequences. During any new moon, but especially during one like this, it is so important to slow down and look within  and set intentions.  Under the influence of the two t-squares, we understand that our mission is to face that which we have avoided facing.  There should be no question of what it is that we need to do.   We know exactly what we need to do and have been avoiding it because we were not ready to dance with the darkness that stood in the way.  Our intentions for the Capricorn New Moon, the darkest new moon of the entire year, are intentions of bravery.  We can use the rose-colored glasses of Mars/Neptune not for delusion but for courage.  Rather than being oblivious to consequences, we can go forth like the Fool of the Tarot- trusting that if we go forward with our third eyes open, we will be ready for any consequence that we encounter.

Which brings us to new years day on the gregorian calendar, January 1st 2017, at exactly 11:59pm on the west coast of the united states, the Moon transits conjunct Venus for the sixth ascending gate of Inanna/Venus as the Sovereign Queen (the Leo cycle of Venus), corresponding to the opening of the Third Eye chakra.  The Third Eye chakra is our multidimensional organ of intuition and inspiration.  It is the source of what we call “psychic abilities” or clairvoyance. We use our third eyes to see beyond the surface of material reality, access gnosis(knowledge that can not be taught), and develop our wisdom and creativity. As the Moon crosses over Venus for the sixth time since she has risen from the Underworld of superior solar conjunction, we state our intentions to blossom into the fullness of our third eye.

Of the seven ascending gates of Inanna, this is the only one that does not have anything on the zodiac in exact aspect to the Moon and Venus.  At 28 Aquarius, they form a conjunction to asteroid Athena at 1 Pisces, who is exact sextile Mercury retrograde at 1 Capricorn. Athena and Mercury form a yod to Vesta retrograde in Leo. On the chart below, I included the separating squares to the Lilith/Sedna opposition, and a line for the lunar node axis to show how the Moon-Venus conjunction, Athena, and the Mars-Neptune conjunction are all crowded around the south node.




Throughout my life I have been repeatedly stunned by the inability of most people to look even the slightest bit beyond the surface of what they see.   It is true that we all have a third eye, but we are not all equipped with equal psychic faculties, there are some who are naturally gifted with these abilities while others seem to have no clue.  The years 2012-2016 have been monumentally exciting times for the awakening of the collective.  More and more people are learning to cleanse and open their chakras and interact with the mystery of consciousness filtered through a body.  As Inanna descends, we cleanse; as Inanna rises, we open.  These are two very different meditative actions, and this is a very important time for those who are seeking their own awakening.  The great thing about enlightenment is that it can meet you where ever you are.

During this third eye open meditation, Athena and Mercury are activating Vesta in Leo, allowing us to cut through the cloak of ego and be real with ourselves about the status of our soul, and develop strategies for improving our lives, leading to increased ability to express life force.  As the Moon and Venus both carry the tension of their recent squares to Lilith and Sedna, we can use our third eye sonar to see what lies within the fog, and gain greater awareness of obstacles that trap us in unhealthy patterns.  As Moon, Venus and Athena eventually cross the south node, we will make connections of understanding the patterns that have led us to this moment- it’s up to us to decide whether to strengthen and continue the pattern, or to identify how to break and escape.  The longer these patterns have been in play, within this incarnation or stretching back many lifetimes, the more difficult this choice will be.  It also depends heavily on your natal chart and how the current transits are affecting you personally. This is why knowledge of astrology is such an effective guide.  I encourage everyone to learn all about your own natal chart, and to understand that the power of astrology lies in the meaning that you bring to your own identity and your own experiences.





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  1. Awesomely insightful knowledge 🙇🌟💫you are one gifted soul😇xx
    Do you do charts for other people?
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  2. Hi😊your work/writing guidance knowledge is wonderfully absorbing & insightfully inspiring✨🙇
    Do you do progress natal charts including birth chart analysis?
    Happy delightful wishes & bright blessings for the new year.
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