Sunspot 2567 (and Lunar Synchronicity)

From July 21st-24th, solar activity was at its highest point all year with seven M-class solar flares from an active region called Sunspot 2567.  At this same time, the energies of the moon’s transit through Pisces assisted in unlocking, opening, and clearing out the blockages and the fog that have plagued us since April.  The images in this post all appeared on my facebook page Planetary Clarity individually, and are assembled here not only for a comprehensive review of Sunspot 2567’s activity, but also to acknowledge the synchronistic activity of the moon during these solar flares.

We’ll start with a look at the entire active region that includes sunspots 2565, 2566, and 2567, as it faced us from the center of the Sun’s earthside.


Sunspot 2567 (and 2565) caught my attention days before its x-ray output was elevated, because on SDO’s colorized magnetogram (showing negative polarity as red/yellow, and positive polarity as blue/green) they looked like two giant red eyes, and 2567’s positive polarity regions looked like blue tears flowing from the eyes.  20160716_sunspots.HMI

On June 21st, X-ray output rose slightly and stayed elevated above c-class in a long duration event that included two peaks slightly above M-class- M1.2 and M1.  During this long-duration x-ray event, the moon was in Aquarius transiting exactly opposite Venus 10 Leo and Mercury 13 Leo.


Also worth mentioning:  during these first two M-flares, the Sun was at 28 Cancer, exact square from where it was during the last M-flare at 28 Aries… which was also, synchronistically, the same time that Mars stationed retrograde (April 18th).


On the afternoon of June 23rd, I can’t even tell you what “thoughts” were going through my mind, but I suddenly, viscerally, literally FELT the enormous cloud of fog above my head dissipate into wisps and burn away into nothing.  I felt this wide open sky of freedom in the ether where before there was just insecurity, confusion, anxiety, and guilt.  Not only had the Sun just entered the sign of Leo, but it popped off with a very significant solar flare, M5!!!


At the time of this solar flare, the moon was at 9 Pisces, transiting conjunct Neptune 11 Pisces.  Just visceral, dragon-slaying  (insecurity-slaying, confusion-slaying) warmth and comfort.  Level up.  Who else felt it?


A few hours later, sunspot 2567 ripped out an enormous jagged, double-peaked M-flare (this is counted as two flares, both M7.6 and M5.5 solar flares are represented by the single peak shown by the arrow- look closely you can see the double peak) This was the largest solar flare since the April 18th M-flare, which was, amazingly, also an M7.6.  During this sunspot 2567’s largest flare, the Moon was exact conjunct Neptune, 11 Pisces.



There was a gorgeous CME that resulted from this double flare, this still image from SOHO LASCO C2 shows a giant chunk of solar material being flung out into space.


July 24th saw more increased solar activity with two more small flares reaching above the M-class threshold.


During this solar flare, the Moon 25 Pisces was transiting conjunct Chiron 24 Pisces.  The moon and Chiron together formed a trine to Mars at 26 Scorpio20160724_1

At the time of the seventh and final solar flare from sunspot 2567, the Moon had entered Aries and formed an exact trine to the Sun, 2 Aries to 2 Leo.  20160724_2

So during our only heightened period of solar X-ray output so far this year, the moon transited from Aquarius, through Pisces, and finally crossed the Aries point.  At the exact times of the solar flares, we had contacts between the Moon and Venus/Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, Mars, and ended with a trine to the Sun in Leo.  Or, I could just as easily say that the Moon’s aspects were all punctuated by solar flares.  Either way this was a phenomenally powerful lunar transit.  If you have spent the last three months honestly wrestling with your insecurities and perceived weaknesses- and by honestly wrestling I mean no-bullshit facing your fears and doing work in your heart to figure out how to make peace with it- then I believe that these last three days of solar activity must have been as triumphant for you as it was for me.  I am ready to move on now.  In one week’s time we will be experiencing the Leo New Moon, Inanna’s first gate of Ascension as she rises up out of the underworld through her flaming red root chakra (in other words, Venus returns to the visible sky), and also the highly anticipated re-entry of Mars into Sagittarius.  This is going to be an epic shift away from the too-heavy energies that have plagued this entire spring and summer.  These solar flares have been phenomenal catalysts for kicking off the fog of insecurity and confusion, integrating our lessons, and getting ready to move up to the next level.

This week is deeply important for our readiness for the next chapter in our lives, make no mistake, Lion’s Gate 2016 will introduce major game changers (Planetary Clarity uses the phrase “Lion’s Gate” to describe astrological phenomena that occur in the sign of Leo, specifically in recent years as Uranus in Aries forms a trine to the Sun and personal planets  as they transit Leo).  But of course, the forces that seek to obfuscate the truth are going to be in rare form this week.  As difficult as it will be to stay detached from news of politics and what passes for “current events”especially this week, we must not get engaged unless we can masterfully separate our emotions from our observations.  Remember that nothing they can show you is really real, and the purpose of all this illusion is to reveal to you the capacity and limits of your own understanding of who you are.  Nothing more and nothing less.

One final look at the golden 171 channel’s view of sunspot 2567’s magnetic loops disappearing over the sun’s western horizon.  All images from the SDO public archives, and SOHO LASCO C2.


))) ❤ (((

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