The Grand Mutable Square of 2016

On May 28th, the Grand Mutable Square of 2016 comes into focus, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.  Three corners of the grand square are slow moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune) that have been aspecting each other and moving into place for many months.  The fourth corner lasts between May 28th and June 5th- the superior solar conjunction of Venus, joined on June 4th by the Gemini new moon.

All by itself, the Gemini New Moon coinciding exactly with the midpoint of the current Venus cycle is a pretty big deal.  But placed in context of a grand square involving these three outer planets in particular, is astonishing.  Back in July of 2013, shortly after Jupiter entered the sign of Cancer, a grand water trine formed between Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Scorpio.  That grand water trine was the astro-soap and water that washed the shrapnel and detritus away from our wounds, it was the medicinal balm that limited the damage of the battles we fought in 2012.   Between 2013 and 2015, the trines narrowed to squares, and starting in the fall of 2015 the T-square began to take shape.  Both of the squares (Jupiter-Saturn, and Saturn-Neptune) are third-quarter squares, and both squares are building towards conjunctions at Zero degrees of signs.  These conjunctions, without a doubt, will transform culture, technology, and society as we know it.  This week’s Grand Mutable Square cracks open the possibilities of where we will be in the year 2020 and beyond.

the Jupiter-Saturn square

In August of 2015, Saturn had retrograded from Sagittarius back into Scorpio, and was stationing direct at 28 Scorpio just as Jupiter was advancing out of Leo into Virgo.  The Leo-Scorpio square was within a 5 degree orb for just a few weeks as Jupiter transited past.  Now, because of the current Saturn station retrograde at 16 Sagittarius, and Jupiter station direct at 13 Virgo, the second and final Jupiter-Saturn square is four months long, March through June of 2016.

The previous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was in Taurus in the year 2000.  This is the third quarter square in the cycle between Jupiter and Saturn, leading up to the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December of the year 2020 at Zero degrees Aquarius.
I have been seeing the Jupiter-Saturn square expressed in the Bernie or Bust movement- the part of our society that sees that a better future is possible, greatly wants change, but also bears the tension of being invested in, and building upon the existing system to achieve that change.  Mr. Sanders’ success or failure as a politician has little to do with the collective’s urges to create a society that corrects the failures of the old world, but before that level of change can be realized, the awakening needs to go deeper, and we need to be willing to transform structures that we struggle to accept that we don’t need anymore . As Uranus enters Taurus, and Chiron enters Aries, our investment in and commitment to the structures of the system will be tested.  By structures of the system I don’t just mean politics and the two-party system, I also mean schools, religions, currency. I believe that by Winter Solstice 2020 we will be at the foundation level of a new era, where we collectively realize that the economic transformation we seek for our society will require us to personally undergo social and cultural transformations as well.


the Saturn-Neptune square

The previous Saturn-Neptune conjunction was in Capricorn in 1989, seeing the rise of technology becoming an intimate everyday part of our lives.  The generation born under that conjunction was the first in human history to have spent their entire lives using technology to filter, process, and interpret all of the information that enters their brains, using cellphones and the internet to learn anything and everything, to remain in constant contact with friends and loved ones, and to meet and communicate with people all over the world.  The next Saturn-Neptune conjunction takes place in the year 2024 at Zero degrees Aries, setting off new eras in technology, information, relationships, and culture.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at Zero Aquarius, followed shortly by Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, Saturn-Neptune conjunction at Zero Aries, and also Sedna’s ingress into Gemini all within six years will see changes in our society and culture that will build exponentially on the changes that began at the beginning of these cycles.  Understanding this is the key to putting the current Saturn-Neptune square in context.  I see it expressed in our society as information wars, such as the vaccination debate or ongoing concerns about cyber-security violations.  As a society we do not know who to trust because we have been lied to and harmed by the people and institutions that are supposedly in charge.  But I have hope, that ten years from now, the way we acquire, verify, and share information will once again be transformed so profoundly, that the generation that will be born only four years from now will not be able to fathom the way we live now, just as the 1989 generation can’t fathom accessing information without the internet, and can’t fathom relating to their friends and loved ones without cell phones.


The Midpoint of the Leo Cycle of Venus

In August of 2015, Venus crossed between the Earth and the Sun in the sign of Leo, beginning her new Leo-overtone cycle as Venus the Sovereign Queen. After the inferior solar conjunction at the beginning of the cycle, she emerges as the morning star, and each month as the crescent moon conjuncts Venus in the dawn sky, our Venus energy experiences the descent of Inanna, until she journeys into the underworld. At the midpoint of this Venus cycle, Inanna hangs suspended in the underworld, represented by the superior solar conjunction.  She is stripped of her jewels and crown, so that only the naked truth of who she is remains.  At this time, we may find ourselves stripped of the things that we associate with our own feelings of greatness.  Venus wants us to find a new source of sovereignty, not in our accomplishments, not in our beauty, but in our consciousness, in our crown chakra.  Asteroid Vesta is 6 degree orb conjunct to the Gemini new moon and Venus, keeping the focus on our heart-fires, the vitality we feel when aligned with our most authentic identity and life path. One of the secrets of astrology is being able to recognize trends and events on a global or national scale as being a macrocosmic projection of our own lives and identities, and likewise to see our own journey through life as a microcosm of our collective experience.  This Venus cycle is preparing us for the big changes that are only a few years away.

If you would like some more insight about how the Grand Mutable Square is affecting your life by interacting with the energies of your natal chart, please contact me at either of my facebook pages linked below.  I offer a sliding scale of $25 to $50 (paypal) for personalized charts with in-depth interpretation.

Dia Holly Hemlock

Planetary Clarity

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