Aries New Moon 2016 – Lava Lake

April 7th, 2016 – Today’s new moon bridges the square between Uranus and Pluto, and the trine between Uranus and Saturn, making this feel like an absolutely raw, exposed, maybe even dangerously stressful energy- like a lava lake, a place where the flaming, gaseous, molten interior of the earth bubbles to the surface….  which in fact creates the very structure that we think of as “the surface.”  There is no majestic mountain, rolling hillside, waterfall, field of fertile soil, or stone that sustains human existence without these unbearably hot, toxic places spilling out lava.  Just like in our lives when we face these stressful times, when we are pushed to our limits, is when we are closest to the source of the foundation of the “ground” that we stand on. This is what we must remember as we move through the Aries New Moon.

This is the first Aries New Moon following the end of the Aries/Libra blood moon eclipse cycle, making it an ultra-barren low point in the macro lunar cycle.  This new moon is finding many of us drained, dry, at a low point energetically.  Before I became a student of astrology I was severely depressed due to my lack of ability to understand or predict the ups and downs of life’s rhythm.  I would go through these low periods and wonder if things would ever be okay again.  Astrology was the key that unlocked the door to the prison of my depression, and today I can tell anyone that is suffering from the extreme pressure and stress of this moment, that after two more new moons, everything will be completely different.  We can focus our efforts on getting through this low point with the things we need to be ready for the inevitable approaching up swing.


Sun trine Saturn and square Pluto in the days before the eclipse created an energy of burnout, with no real escape hatch.  We are being tested for our strength, our generosity, our ability to keep our heart open at all times.  It might be revealed that much of our pain and exhaustion comes from desperately clinging to the last vestiges of selfishness and laziness, mistaking those things for self-care or “free time.”  Real self-care comes from a place of love not exclusively for ourselves, but for those who love us and need us.  I wrote about the importance of the opposition between Vesta and Juno on my facebook blog (click that link to read) Thanks to the asteroid goddesses for their support and guidance during these difficult times.

There are three other asteroid goddesses in grand trine that will carry us through- Lilith in Libra, Athena in Aquarius, ans Psyche in Gemini.  All three air signs, the mental realm, and three goddesses that influence the workings of the mind.  I think people often forget the power of the mind.  It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the power of the body, or of the emotions, to carry us and direct our journey down life’s path.  The body and emotions definitely have major influence over the mind, but the mind rules all, and can carry the body through seemingly impossible circumstances.

If you want to learn more about how these energies are affecting you, and if you want to see how this grand trine of asteroid goddesses can be a meditation you can use to get through this low point, please contact me at either of my facebook pages linked below.

Dia Holly Hemlock

Planetary Clarity

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