The End of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Cycle

This is the sixth and final lunar eclipse across the Aries/Libra opposition, ending a cycle of evolution in our relationships.  A brief review of these eclipses is in order:

Oct.18, 2013 Sun 25 Libra / Moon 25 Aries

Apr.15, 2014 Sun 25 Aries / Moon 25 Libra (Blood Moon #1)

Oct.8, 2014 Sun 15 Libra / Moon 15 Aries (Blood Moon #2)

Apr.4, 2015 Sun 14 Aries / Moon 14 Libra (Blood Moon #3)

Sep.27, 2015 Sun 4 Libra / Moon 4 Aries (Blood Moon #4)

Mar.23, 2016 Sun 3 Aries / Moon 3 Libra

This fact astonished me- there were no solar eclipses in Aries or Libra in this entire cycle.  They were all in neighboring Taurus and Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo.  I checked the eclipse tables, and every Aries/Libra eclipse cycle back to 1940 contains both lunar and solar eclipses- so this is the first time in at least that long that an entire lunar eclipse cycle has gone uninterrupted by solar eclipses in the same sign.  It seems extremely rare and unlikely, and I would very much like to research this further. Regardless I am blown away by what a powerful experience this has been, and how accurately these eclipses have kept rhythm with the unfolding bloom of my ability to create, build, and thrive in an intimate relationship.

By October of 2013, the stage was set and things were in place where we were ready for the transformative touch of the blood moons. April 2014 the first blood moon was associated with loss and heartbreak, and a compulsion to withdraw from the people that we crave the most love from due to the realization of how much inner work needed to be done in solitude before being able to fully receive that love.  In the emptiness left behind by this blood moon’s loss, we found the space we needed to do that inner work, breathe into our healing, and find wholeness like never before.

October 2014 the second blood moon was the level-up, the explosion, the healing taking manifestation in an unexpected form that was deeply shocking- Sun conjunct Venus in Libra, opposite Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries.  No one would ever have been able to predict the new shape that our healed selves would form, a new world where the old rules would never apply ever again.  

April 2015, Sun conjunct Uranus and asteroid Psyche in Aries, opposite a solitary Moon with no conjunctions, all alone on the north node.  The third blood moon formed a nearly exact t-square to Pluto in Capricorn, and it witnessed us coming to accept the terms of the new world we created, understanding how to move in the new world as healed people, and leaving something behind in order to accommodate what we created.

October 2015 the fourth and final blood moon was, like the first, conjunct Vesta retrograde, in Aries instead of Libra this time, opposite the Sun in Libra conjunct Juno and Lilith.  I wrote that this eclipse was about giving up the failed paradigm of moving away from the brokenness and into the light. The paths that lead us out of our trauma go through our mutilated places to get there.  They are not rational, logical paths.  It requires surrender to the mystery, and the fourth blood moon saw the establishment of mastery level surrender that enabled relationship to exist at a level of intimacy that was previously unimaginable before this eclipse cycle began.

Which brings us to tonight.

A solitary Moon at 3 Libra.  Sun and Mercury less than a day away from conjunction, 2 and 3 degrees Aries.  Asteroid Psyche in Gemini is T-square to the lunar nodes, and Ceres conjunct Chiron on the south node, exact at 21 Pisces.  Athena in Aquarius is trine Psyche. Jupiter is  trine Pluto in Capricorn and square Saturn in Sagittarius, who is motionless in station and turns retrograde two days after the eclipse.  There’s no other way to say it- this is a direct confrontation with the wound. And just like the Libra full moon eclipses of 2015 and 2014, it brings loss.  Where 2014 was about something shattering, and 2015 was about giving something up, for the 2016 full moon I’m seeing that something is being taken away- Saturn is such a major influence on the energy of this eclipse.  And as we look back at our ups and downs, dead ends, detours, breakthroughs and triumphs since the beginning of this eclipse cycle, we’re now being tested on what we’ve learned.  It can be discouraging or even maddening to experience what feels like an encore of all our greatest failures to cope with trauma even though our focus is on the journey of ascension, but this is healing work- to merge all these choices we’ve made and all the work we’ve done in all these different dimensions together into a single unified life stream by re-living it, again and again, each time closer and closer to being your highest self. Wash, rinse, level up in life, and repeat.





During the lunar eclipse, Venus is at 13 Pisces exact trine asteroids Juno and Isis, both retrograde in Scorpio.  She’ll carry the charge from this trine into her exact square to Saturn as he stations retrograde two days from now.  Between the eclipse and Saturn station retrograde, Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries.  It is a superior conjunction meaning Mercury is behind the Sun as seen from Earth. To put it mildly we are being deeply triggered this week.  Being empowered to create the proper conditions for self care in a triggered state, and in the context of living with an intimate partner, being able to each create those conditions in coexistence is the mastery level manifestation of this eclipse.  We’re learning that communication isn’t only about the ways we speak and listen, but in the ways that we acknowledge each other in shared spaces- and this week as we are processing another layer of our trauma, we can find a secret wellspring of energy that bubbles up within us when we learn that doing the work of disarming our own triggers is an act of love towards those who are closest to us.

“I want to talk about what happened without mentioning how much it hurt. There has to be a way.  To care for the wounds without reopening them. To name the pain without inviting it back into me.” -If There’s A Way Out I’ll Take It, Lora Mathis

“The only way you can endure your pain is to let it be painful.” -Shunryu Suzuki


And as always, unwaveringly, the sky goddesses are there for guidance, support, and strength.  Sekhmet, Lady of the Lightning, the most ancient and vicious of all our holy mothers, opens the way for our pain to be painful in a healthy way, so we can re-live it without re-opening it, and integrate the truth of our experience of trauma another level deeper and cleaner into our many-layered energy bodies. Earlier this month as Lilith in Libra completed her opposition to Eris in Aries, Sekhmet achieved  her trine to the north node, sextile to the south.  Then she locked into her T-square, first to Eris then to Lilith. By next week she will complete her trine to Sedna in Taurus.  Through this journey she carries with her the energy of conjunction with Pluto, trine Jupiter.




I’ve said Eris opposite Lilith is “challenging our very notions of what it means to be a broken person vs. being a healed/whole person. During this opposition, we should consider that both are equally valid/accurate and equally invalid/inaccurate ways to describe ourselves.” As Sekhmet moves away from the nodes, away from Eris and Lilith, and connects with Sedna (a goddess who carries themes of trauma, betrayal, body horror, and ultimately claims her power by sinking into the ocean and transforming) we have the opportunity to deeply transform the way we perceive ourselves as individuals who live with trauma.  On the other side of that breakthrough is another level of evolution in our ability to experience intimacy (The breakthroughs we make at this time will unfold and develop for us through the current Sun/Saturn and Sun/Mercury cycles).

These six Aries/Libra lunar eclipses have rapidly evolved our capacity to be intimate in ways that were not even imaginable to us before October of 2013, and I encourage you to give yourself tons of credit and congratulations for what you have created during this eclipse cycle.



If you would like some more information about the way that these configurations are affecting your life by interacting with the energies of your natal chart, please contact me at either of my facebook pages linked below.  I offer a sliding scale of $25 to $50 (paypal) for a personal report with customized charts and in-depth interpretation.

Dia Holly Hemlock

Planetary Clarity

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